image 8614

Joe Sykes and Drew Moerlein in V/H/S (2012)

23 minutes in the movie, Joe Sykes gets naked at a motel. For the next few minutes we see him naked, and although the camera is shaking a lot, we see his butt and uncut dick.
66 minutes in the movie, Drew Moerlein is undressing to go swim in a lake. We only see his butt.

image 8682

Emile Charles and Carsten Norgaard in The Fruit Machine (1988)

83 minutes in the movie, Emile Charles is getting naked to go swim with the dolphins. We see his butt and his uncut dick before he jumps in the water, and then again abundantly when he is swimming under water for several minutes.
86 minutes in the movie, a dolphin is morphing into Carsten Norgaard and we see his butt.

image 1762

Enzo Cilenti in Wonderland (1999)

Enzo Cilenti is not afraid of showing his naked body. Throughout the movie, we can enjoy that. While he is fooling around in bed with his girlfriend, we can see his big and thick uncut dick. Impressive. Although his pubes are not trimmed which would have provided a clearer view of whole thing. The rest of the time, we see his body in general and his firm butt.

image 5387

Matt Damon in School Ties (1992)

35 minutes in the movie, Matt Damon is with other guys in the bathroom. We see an unknown man, with a great ass, showering in the back. 70 minutes in the movie, Matt Damon goes showering, and we see his big bubble butt as he slowly walks. We see a bunch of other guys naked next to Matt Damon. We only see their butts. Then Matt Damon starts a fight with Brendan Fraser.

image 8708

Sébastien Huberdeau, Brad Mann and Todd Mann in Yellowknife (2002)

62 minutes in the movie, we see Sébastien Huberdeau taking a shower. When he gets out of the shower to answer the phone, we get a view at his uncut dick, and then at this butt when he rushed to his bedroom.
70 minutes in the movie, we see Brad Mann and Todd Mann dancing naked, We see their butts and cut dicks either facing or camera or in reflection in a mirror.
101 minutes in the movie, Sébastien Huberdeau is undressed by force. We see his butt but from afar.

image 8751

Max Parodi, Riccardo Marino and Massimo Caradonna in Monamour (2006)

The movie starts with Max Parodi's butt making love to a woman. Right after, when the woman rolls over him, we clearly see Riccardo Marino's uncut penis.
3 minutes in the movie, we see Max Parodi's semi-erect8 penis and balls again.
8 minutes in the movie, we see Max Parodi pulling his erect penis our of his pants to make love to a woman.
31 minutes in the movie, we see Max Parodi's butt and balls.

33 minutes in the movie, Max Parodi pulls his erect penis out of his pants again.

image 6985

Jake Christian, Matthew Montgomery and Windham Beacham in Long-Term Relationship (2006)

In the first minute of the movie, we see Matthew Montgomery's butt. 3 minutes in the movie, we also see Jake Christian fully naked. He has a nice uncut dick. 44 minutes in the movie, we see the butts of both Matthew Montgomery and Windham Beacham. 54 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Matthew Montgomery's cut penis and then a lot more when he walks naked in the kitchen.

image 5151

Tom Long in The Book of Revelation (2006)

28 minutes in the movie, we see Tom Long naked on a bed. His body is very lean. We first see his butt and then very briefly his thick dick. Then 40 minutes in the movie, he kidnapped by masked woman who tie him and sexually abuse him. 46 minutes in the movie we see his big cut dick as a woman shreds his clothes. Tom Long also has big balls. He is even forced to jerking himself off in front of his captors.

image 8791

Ben Kindon in Barracuda (2016)

17 minutes in episode 2, we see Ben Kindon's butt.
19 minutes in episode 2, Elias Anton and Ben Kindon are both masturbating in their beds.

37 minutes in episode 3, Elias Anton and Ben Kindon kiss.