image 3097

JJ Feild in The Tulse Luper Suitcases, Part 1: The Moab Story (2003)

28 minutes in the movie, JJ Feild is stripped naked. We see his big cut dick and his massive balls bouncing around. We get a long view at his frontal while they hold him and even apply honey to his pubes! Then he he attached to a pole, and while a man comes deliver him, we get another long view at his frontal, and can admire his low hanging big balls. We even get close-up view at his genitals. In the second part of the movie, JJ Feild is playing naked with a girl. As she squeezes fruits over his body, we see his big dick again. This time he is showing us a nice chubby. JJ Feild is naked a lot in this movie. There are also a couple of other guys showing frontals, but not nearly as much as JJ.

image 55

Julien Baumgartner in Le Plaisir de Chanter (2008)

Lorant Deutsch and Julien Baumgartner star in this movie. Julien Baumgartner is a handsome French actor who played in a number of movies, in particular "Sexy Boys" or "You'll Get Over It". In this movie, whose story is somewhat complicated, he plays a part of the movie completely naked. He clearly has nothing to be ashamed for!

image 8819

Josh O'Connor, Alec Secareanu and Harry Lister Smith in God's Own Country (2017)

7 minutes in the movie, we see Josh O'Connor's butt as well as Harry Lister Smith's butt as Josh O'Connor is sodomizing him.

29 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Alec Secareanu's butt as he washing himself.

35 minutes in the movie, Josh O'Connor and Alec Secareanu are both naked. In particular we get a good view at Josh O'Connor's hairy butt crack.

47 minutes in the movie, Josh O'Connor and Alec Secareanu are both naked again. For one minute, we get a good long view at both of their uncut dicks.

image 5762

Harry Lampl in Initiation (2009)

27 minutes in the movie, we see Harry Lampl fully naked. He has a cover around his waist, but when he stands the cover falls on the floor and reveals his nice uncut cock. Soon after we also see his butt. 56 minutes in the movie, we see his butt again but from a distance. He is doing a show shaking his bootie. 64 minutes in the movie, we clearly see his butt as he is forced to making love to a woman.

image 8692

Arduíno Colassanti in How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman (1971)

31 minutes in the movie, and for the vast majority of the movie after that, Arduíno Colassanti is naked.
We first see his butt. Then we see his dick for the first time, 33 minutes in the movie. He has a long cut dick and as he wears no clothes, we see his penis all the time, as he runs or walks.

image 6591

Jérémie Renier in Un fils de notre temps (2003)

In the opening credits of this movie, we get a detailed view at Jérémie Renier for over 1 minute. He is fully naked. We see his butt first. Jérémie Renier has a very smooth white butt. Then we see his penis. Jérémie Renier is packing a large uncut penis. We see his penis flopping around has he walks in the room. There are numerous army recruits around him that are also naked. We see a number of penises and butts at that occasion.

image 2005

Jon Foster, Austin Nichols, Mel Raido and Lou Taylor Pucci in The Informers (2008)

Jon Foster is super hot. His sexy eyes and face are worth buying the movie. On top of this, we see him naked making love to a girl a first time and then also a second time with Austin Nichols. Austin Nichols gives us a good view of his butt when is he on top of Kim Basinger. Mel Raido has a scene when he wakes up next to a naked girl and a naked boy. As he steps out of bed, we have a rear and frontal view of him although from a distance. He seems to be uncut. We seem him also naked getting out of this tub later in the movie, but he is out of focus. The boy he was sleeping next to is Lou Taylor Pucci. Lou also gives us frontal and rear view when he rolls on the bed. It's hard to tell if he is uncut or not. He seems to have a pretty decent package. In a later scene, Jon Foster walks into Austin Nichols and Mel Raido having sex with two different girls but on the same bed. We see both guys butts and then we see the Mel Raido's balls. Later Jon Foster and Austin Nichols are together naked in bed with a girl. Jon Foster is on his belly, so we have a great view of his firm bubble butt. As he stands up we have a great view of his dick and balls. His package is big and hanging low, so it was kind of stuck (by sweat) to his right thigh! A very nice package! Jon Foster is circumcised.

image 998

Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

In this movie, you can see Jason Segel naked a lot... through long and repeated scenes. One of his costars is Russell Brand that you will see in some of the screen shots, although Russell does not appear fully nude.