image 8800

Jack O'Connell in Starred Up (2013)

Right at the beginning of the movie, Jack O'Connell is inspected by the jail guards. He is completely naked, we see his uncut dick and his firm butt.

41 minutes in the movie, we briefly see his butt.

63 minutes in the movie, Jack O'Connell is attacked while taking a shower. We get a long and great view at his dick and balls.

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Daniel Craig in Some Voices (2000)

70 minutes in the movie, Daniel Craig gets naked in the street and shows his body all around for many long seconds. Enough to get a complete view at his tone body, medium-sized uncut dick and muscular ass.

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Jason Ritter in The Education of Charlie Banks (2007)

In this movie, Jason Ritter, the lead actor of NBC's show "The Event", plays with Jesse Eisenberg, the now superstar of movie "The Social Network" where he played Mark Zuckerberg. In "The Education of Charlie Banks", Jason Ritter is seen buck naked while going naked in a jacuzzi with Jesse Eisenberg. On top of this, during a scene with Jesse, he gets a hard-on and reveals a huge bulge. He obviously was not wearing any underwear.


Wes Bentley in American Beauty (1999)

Wes Bentley is a teen in this movie that gets in trouble with his homophobic gay dad, who believes Wes is having an affair with his neighbor Kevin Spacey. This movie is a must see. Wes is seen naked with partial butt shot.

image 8638

Paul McGann in The Rainbow (1989)

Paul McGann is naked first 84 minutes in the movie. He is naked in a bedroom. We see him from the back, so only his butt.
Then 100 minutes in the movie, Paul McGann is running naked in a forest. We see his butt and also his dick and balls moving around as he is running.

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Lennie Burmeister in Bungalow (2002)

In this movie, we see Lennie Burmeister masturbating on his bed. He drops his underwear and starts jerking off. His dick is uncut but remains soft as this scene does not last very long. Later Lennie Burmeister find a female swimsuit and decides to wear it. As he undresses, we see his nice butt and again his uncut dick. His dick is soft but appears relatively thick.

image 2740

Randy Becker and John Benjamin Hickey in Love! Valour! Compassion! (1997)

Randy Becker is the first one to show skin, coming back from a swim. He drops the towel he had around his waist. He displays a nice butt and dick. Later in the movie, he kisses passionately Justin Kirk by the fridge at night. Again later they kiss in the lake. Randy is again buck naked, but from a distance this time. After kissing, Randy Becker rolls on his back to show us his nice and big semi erect cut cock. Later John Benjamin Hickey undresses and shows us all, including this big cut dick which he is flopping around.

image 8765

Mark Cirillo and Scott Sell in The Last Straight Man (2014)

21 minutes in the movie, Mark Cirillo is showing his butt, and again partially 29 minutes in the movie.

64 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Scott Sell's butt.
Then, in that scene, we see Mark Cirillo's huge penis.

66 minutes in the movie, Scott Sell has a sock on his cock and balls.

68 minutes in the movie, we see the massive cock of Mark Cirillo again and his big balls.

95 minutes in the movie, we get a clear view at Scott Sell's butt.

101 minutes in the movie, we see Mark Cirillo's penis again as he is laying on a bed.