image 8778

Max Riemelt in Sense8 Season 1 (2015)

43 minutes in episode 5, Max Riemelt is wimming naked in a pool. We get good views at his entired body, especially his torso.
Finally, 48 minutes in that episode, he gets out of the pool. We see his butt as he walks away and then the camera films his big cock in close-up view.
He is having a chubby and his foreskin is retracted, revealing a big duck and massive low hanging balls.

image 1550

Antonio Sabato Jr. and David Sutcliffe in Testosterone (2003)

Antonio Sabato Jr reveals a full frontal nudity in this movie. We get to admire his thick and long uncut dick for a few seconds. This movie is the only one that shows Antonio penis. This happens mid-movie in a flash back scene. David Sutcliffe only shows rear nudity in this movie, but as he gets in a tub, we see a close-up of his bubble butt and we can see his big balls hanging between his legs. Very impressive.

image 8737

Dave Franco and Seth Rogen in Neighbors (2014)

26 minutes in the movie, we see Seth Rogen's butt from the side.

42 minutes in the minute, we see Dave Franco's ass as he is making love to a girl.

57 minutes in the movie, there are a bunch of extras naked.

image 4250

Fu'ad Aït Aattou in The Last Mistress (2007)

Fu'ad Aït Aattou is a sexy young man. He plays one of the main roles of the movie. He has a first love scene at the beginning of the movie, but that scene does not reveal nudity. He has many shirtless scenes throughout the movie. One hour in the movie, there is a sex scene where he moves back on top of the woman. As he does, we get a quick view at his erect uncut penis. Towards the end of the movie, there are several sex scenes where we finally see Fu'ad Aït Aattou's butt.

image 2160

David Kross in The Reader (2008)

In this movie, we can see David Kross bathing a lot. Actually it seems that none of it is spared. In a first bathing scene, we have a good rear view but limited frontal. It seems in that scene that David Kross's penis is pretty small. Well we learn in a later scene that he is a grower. We get a good frontal view of his uncut penis, and he is well endowed!

image 6439

David Alanson in Bite Marks (2011)

David Alanson reveals some nudity in the movie. 24 minutes in the movie, we see David Alanson's butt as he is making love to his boyfriend in a bathroom. 52 minutes in the movie, there is a hot blowjob scene although we don't see anything. Finally 78 minutes in the movie, David Alanson drops his pants to show his butt again. David Alanson has a nice bubble butt. David Alanson is also known for his porn career. As you can see in the attached picture (that is unfortunately not in this movie), David Alanson has a very nice and big cut dick.

image 8769

Marc Arnaud and Lionel Cecilio in Changing Room (2011)

Marc Arnaud shows his butt 2 minutes in the movie. At the same time, we also see Lionel Cecilio's butt and briefly see his penis in the background but it's off focus.

3 minutes in the movie, we see Marc Arnaud's penis in the shower as he is showering. We see him washing his penis too.

Then 4 minutes in the movie, we again see Marc Arnaud's penis in the locker room.

Marc Arnaud has a nice medium sized uncut penis.

image 6963

Justin Herwick and B. Wyatt in Luster (2002)

14 minutes in the movie, we see B. Wyatt in the shower. His penis is cut and rather small in that scene. 3 minutes later, we see him jumping up and down and giving us a full 360-degrees views of his naked body. He is again naked 50 minutes in the movie. Finally 85 minutes in the movie, Justin Herwick undresses and shows his nice body. Justin Herwick has a cut dick.