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Darren Healy and Emmet Scanlan in Savage (2009)

Darren Healy is the main star in the movie. We don't see him naked until the end of the movie, where is performs a long frontal, although from a slight distance. Enough to tell he is uncut and not huge (he may be a grower!). On the other hand, Emmet Scanlan is sporting a semi hard dick in the gym locker room and happily wagging his big dick. He appears to be cut or he may be just aroused as he was born in Ireland where circumcision is unusual. It's hard to tell.

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Álex González in Combustion (2013)

33 minutes in the movie, Álex González is getting naked to make love to a woman. His dick is hard when she pulls his underwear down, but we don't get to see it. We can just see the bulge created in his black underwear.
We however get a very clear view at Álex González's bubble butt.

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Paul Mercurio in Exit to Eden (1994)

24 minutes in the movie, Paul Mercurio is only wearing briefs.

26 minutes in the movie, we see [daze]'s butt as he is wearing nothing but a thong.
28 minutes in the movie, we see Paul Mercurio's butt has is also only wearing a thong.

55 minutes in the movie, Paul Mercurio is completely naked. We see his butt.

94 minutes in the movie, we see Paul Mercurio's butt again.

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Roman Knizka in Fashion Victims (2007)

77 minutes in the movie, Roman Knizka gets out of bed. While the action is fast, we can see Roman Knizka's dick and balls bouncing when he gets out of bed, and then we see his butt.

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Jeremy Jordan in Live Nude Girls (1995)

This movie describes the sexual lives and feelings of a group of women. At one point in the movie, Jeremy Jordan plays the role of a Greenpeace door-to-door advocate. Jeremy Jordan is a famous singer from the 90s, which hits include "My Love Is Good Enough" and "Try My Love". We get to see him naked with long views of his butt. A very nice bubble butt we can admire as he makes love to a woman.

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Cory Monteith in Bloody Mary (2006)

Cory Monteith, the star from Fox TV show Glee, appears naked in this movie. He is painting while being completely naked. The camera films him from behind, so we get a good view at his butt, and then at his chest and face. He is cute. His butt is not as firm and bubbly as others, but he is young in this movie and his face is charming.

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Joris Conquet, Adrian Conquet, Mike Fédée and Michael Augusto in Les Garçons de Chambre (2014)

2 minutes in episode 1, we see Joris Conquet's butt. We see the tip of his dick in one frame.

5 minutes in episode 4, we partially see Adrian Conquet's butt, and then 7 minutes in the episode, we see his shaved pubes.

3 minutes in episode 8, we get a close up view at Joris Conquet's butt.

5 minutes in episode 13, we see Mike Fédée's butt. For one frame, we also see his penis. We also see in that scene Joris Conquet's butt. His haircrack is shiny, so he probably got it waxed.

15 minutes in episode 14, we see Mike Fédée's butt.