image 8809

Bill Skarsgård and Adam Pålsson in Behind Blue Skies (2010)

1 minute in the movie, Bill Skarsgård is undress by a girl. We see Bill Skarsgård's penis and balls as she does, and then she starts blowing him. We get a close up view at his large uncut penis as she is holding it in her hands.

6 minutes in the movie, Bill Skarsgård is swimming with Adam Pålsson. We see Adam Pålsson's bulge in the pool, and then when he gets out we see his butt.

image 1420

Moritz Bleibtreu in Das Experiment (2001)

In this German movie, Moritz Bleibtreu is seen completely naked. At a point the prison people force him to strip, and we can see his nice uncut penis. Some other actors also display brief rear nudity.

image 2083

Hubert Benhamdine and Hicham Nazzal in I Dreamt Under the Water (2008)

Hubert Benhamdine likes guys. We see him getting fucked in a cruising park. We don't see him naked there but we see dick and ass from the other guys he is having sex with. Mid-movie, Hubert Benhamdine is in bed with Hicham Nazzal. When Hubert leaves the bed, we see his pubes and his ass. Then we see Hicham's dick. He has a rather long cut penis. Later when Hubert takes a bath with a girl, we finally see this uncut dick, and also his crack, balls hair and butt. We see again rear nudity from him later in the movie.

image 4563

Mathias Franz Stein in Mutig in die neuen Zeiten - Nur keine Wellen (2006)

Mathias Franz Stein is buck naked on a bed. Initially the camera does not reveal his genitals. But then, as he is happy the girl told me she loved him, he raises up and reveals his dick. His pubes are untrimmed and quite long. However we can see his uncut dick, which shows a very long and tight foreskin. His dick seems to be rather thin but long. It is soft in that scene.

image 1193

Colin Farrell, Matthew Davis and Clifton Collins Jr in Tigerland (2000)

In this movie, Colin Farrell appears fully naked and Matthew Davis only shows us his butt. But he has incredible abs, so we forgive him! In that scene, they are having sex with girls im the same bedroom. No foursome, just sharing the same bedroom. Colin's penis view is very brief as he walks in front of the camera.
31 minutes in the movie, Clifton Collins Jr drops his pants in front of his unit. He as a long shirt, so we can't see much. Only his dick head, cut, appears below the shirt.

image 8627

Jonathan Williams, Eric Dean and Joseph Richardson in Zombies (2003)

7 minutes in the movie, Eric Dean is in bed with Draven Gonzalez. We see Eric Dean's butt.
Within that scene, there are flash backs, in which we see Jonathan Williams fully naked. He has a big and thick cut cock as well as his butt.
56 minutes in the movie, we see Joseph Richardson, after he gets out of the shower, as he dresses back up.
68 minutes in the movie, we see again Jonathan Williams's ass.

image 114

Cyril Descours in Accomplices (2009)

In this movie, Cyril Descours is a male prostitute (gay for pay), who involves his new female lover in his secrete life. We get to see some of his hustler scenes!

image 2854

Heath Ledger and Bruce Greenwood in I'm Not There. (2007)

Twenty minutes through the movie, Heath Ledger is getting out of the shower. As he is drying himself up, we get a good view through the mirror at his dick and butt. He has a nice uncut dick with bushy pubic hair. Mid movie there is a quick scene in a bathroom, Bruce Greenwood is seen naked entering a bathroom stall. During that quick scene, we can clearly see his butt.

image 2479

Mark-Paul Gosselaar in Franklin & Bash (2010)

In this TV show, Mark-Paul Gosselaar shows us some skin in the pilot. He is naked in a hot tub, when a friend asks for him. He gets out of the hot tub, and the camera spends a good amount of time filming his butt. A nice butt! Good job Mark-Paul! Hopefully more skin and a frontal from him soon! Mark-Paul is known to be uncut, but we would like to make sure!