image 8813

Kristof Broda, Damiano Gaumann, David Sembritzki and Andreas Kriener in G: Lost in Frankfurt (2015)

27 minutes in the movie, we see Kristof Broda's large uncut penis and Damiano Gaumann's butt as Damiano Gaumann is fucking Kristof Broda.

41 minutes in the movie, Kristof Broda is undressed by Damiano Gaumann. We see Kristof Broda's butt and low hanging balls, as well as his massive uncut dick from behind hanging past his balls.
Right after, Kristof Broda removes Damiano Gaumann's underwear. We see Damiano Gaumann's butt and massive uncut dick, first a partial view from the side and then a view from behind of what's hanging.
We also see David Sembritzki's butt.

image 3139

Ronnie Kroell, Steven Daigle and Aaron Milo in Eating Out: Drama Camp (2011)

This movie is the 4th of the Eating Out sequel. The first guy to show nudity is Ronnie Kroell. He gives us a good frontal as he gets in bed, explaining to his roommates that he prefers to sleep in the nude. He has a nice, good sized, cut dick. We get to see him with a full frontal is following scenes too when he gets in bed. In the making of, Ronnie Kroell explains that he feared "shrinkage" and that his dick would go like a turtle. Well, he should not worry anymore. The next one to show nudity is Steven Daigle who reveals his bubble butt in the forest, as he is getting a blow job. Soon after his pants are being dropped by a woman. He displays a pretty big cut dick. There is a pretty hot sex scene between Chris Salvatore and Aaron Milo. We see Aaron Milo's very nice butt. The Eating Out movies are landmarks, so purchase them to keep more coming!

image 2264

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in Nightwatch (1994)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is quite a twink. In this movie, he appears naked on his bed, and for a few minutes lies there, for us to admire. His cock is soft but pretty big and uncut. His body is muscular and his face is to die for! A lot of close up in this movie, so overall a good movie if you like Nikolaj.

image 7361

Ulysse Grosjean in Heat Wave (2011)

45 minutes in the movie, Ulysse Grosjean is taking a shower. Fortunately for us, the camera films everything, including his big thick uncut dick. It is filmed sideways, so we get to see both his dick and his butt.

image 6438

Nico Rogner in Looking for Simon (2011)

Nico Rogner is very cute. There is only completely one naked scene with him. 61 minutes in the movie, Nico Rogner is getting a shower. We see him undressing and showering. First we only see his butt and then as the turns slightly around we see his nice uncut dick. There is also a sexy scene as he swims naked in the sea, but we don't get to see as much.

image 8651

Sergio Fascetti, Franco Merli, Aldo Valletti, Bruno Musso, Antonio Orlando, Giorgio Cataldi, Rinaldo Missaglia and Ezio Manni in Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom (1975)

10 minutes in the movie, Sergio Fascetti and Franco Merli are forced to undress. We see their nice uncut penises and untrimmed pubes.
31 minutes in the movie, Aldo Valletti is showing his butt. He ends up being butt fucked.
39 minutes in the movie, all the boys, Sergio Fascetti, Bruno Musso, Antonio Orlando, Claudio Cicchetti, Franco Merli, Umberto Chessari, Lamberto Book and Gaspare Di Jenno are naked. They are all uncut.
42 minutes in the movie, Sergio Fascetti is naked again. We see his butt too.

image 6944

Vincent Cassel in Irreversible (2002)

The beginning of the movie is a long strange filming of a gay cruising club. 15 minutes in the movie, we see a big uncut dick being masturbated but the owner is anonymous. 75 minutes in the movie, Vincent Cassel is naked in bed and remains naked for the next 10 minutes. We get ample time to view his firm butt and big cut dick.

image 3204

Willem Dafoe in Antichrist (2009)

Twenty minutes in the movie, Willem Dafoe is making love to Charlotte Gainsbourg. As Charlotte removed Willem's underwear we get the camera focused for a few minutes on Willem Dafoe's butt. The picture is then very dark to properly see Willem Dafoe's penis. One hour in the movie, after a very wild masturbation sex scene of Charlotte Gainsbourg, Willem Dafoe appears naked again. We see his butt as he is making love to Charlotte. Ten minutes later, they are making love in their cabin and this time we see Willem Dafoe's balls. Then we see Willem Dafoe's erect penis and in close-up view, we see Charlotte masturbating Willem's big and very thick uncut penis.