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Raphaël Personnaz, Adrien Jolivet, Romain Vissol and Renan Mazéas in The First Time I Turned Twenty (2004)

Raphaël Personnaz, Adrien Jolivet, Romain Vissol and Renan Mazéas play a prank on Marilou Berry by appearing all naked in front of them. We get a good view at all four of them penises. In that scene we also see Raphaël Personnaz and Romain Vissol's butts. Romain Vissol has a nice uncut penis. Adrien Jolivet has a fairly long cut penis. Renan Mazéas has a regular size uncut penis. Raphaël Personnaz has a strange penis, with a head much bigger than the shaft. He is probably uncut but it's hard to tell for sure.

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John Steiner, Helmut Berger and Alain Naya in Salon Kitty (1976)

Right at the beginning of the movie, we see John Steiner naked in a sauna. As the camera zooms into him, we get a view at his uncut penis. Within 7 minutes, we see a dead man who has a very big cut penis. 18 minutes in the movie, a bunch of naked women and men dance and make love. We see many young and good looking guys with their thick uncut penises. Some are getting hard-ons from the show. There are also some strange scenes involving sex with midgets and amputees. One hour in the movie, there is another sex scene with brief frontal and rear nudity/ 90 minutes in the movie, there is a shower scene with Alain Naya showing his uncut dock and butt. Over 2 hours in the movie, towards the end, there is another scene in a sauna, where many men are seen naked displaying their uncut dicks. One of them is Helmut Berger who has a nice uncut dick and his pubic hair completely shaved off.

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Dermot Mulroney in Intimate Affairs (2002)

There is a quick scene with Dermot Mulroney naked and his picture is fading away as he turns to face the camera. So we get a very clear view of his butt, but a faded view of his dick. He seems to have an average size cut dick.

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Braden Bacha in Dante's Cove (2006)

Dante's cove is a gay-themed TV show that contains a lot of nudity. In episode 5 of season 2, called The Solstice, we can see Braden Bacha, a famous Big Brother contestant. Braden Bacha is a hot surfer from California. In that episode, he shows us a full frontal of his super-sized cut penis.

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Jesse Hewit, Ben Evans, Ferrin Solano, Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos Jr, Brontez Purnell and Keith Hennessy in I Want Your Love (2012)

Jesse Hewit is known in the movie as Jesse Metzger.
Ben Evans is known in the movie as Ben Jasper.
Keith Hennessy is known in the movie as Keith McDonald.

9 minutes in the movie, we see Jesse Metzger giving a blow job to Ben Jasper.
We see Jesse Metzger's butt and Ben Jasper's erect cut penis.
The scene does not seem to be simulated. Ben Jasper ends up cumming big with 6 shots and more cum dripping!
Then we also see Jesse Metzger's big cut penis, as he is jerking off and then as Ben Jasper sucks him.

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Bug Hall in The Day the Earth Stopped (2008)

12 minutes in the movie, Bug Hall is running naked in a forest. We get a quick view at his big cut dick.
13 minutes in the movie, he gets stopped by the people chasing him and we get a view at his butt.

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Paul Nicholls, Luke Treadaway and Joseph Mawle in Clapham Junction (2007)

Paul Nicholls is first seen naked front and back. We see him drop his underwear down. He holds his dick so that we can see his nice big balls. Then he starts flopping his semi-hard cut dick in front of a mirror. Finally we see him peeing on a guy, but one can assume it's a stunt. Luke Treadaway is another twink who shows us skin. We first see him from behind (and what a butt!) jerking off. At that time, we don't see his penis, although we can see his low hanging balls moving between his legs. He is jerking off to his neighbor Joseph Mawle. They end up meeting and making love. When it happens, after sensual kissing scenes, we see both of them naked. We see Joseph Mawle's butt and part of his dick that appears to be uncut, when Luke Treadaway is undressing him. The pinnacle is at the end of the movie when we finally see Luke Treadaway uncut dick.

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Tom Hardy in Bronson (2008)

This very cute actor is playing a different kind of role here with Charles Bronson. Tom Hardy is naked for most part of the movie. Although painted in various colors, we can clearly see him naked in details for long period of times and admire his uncut dick.

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Álex González in Virgin Rose (2006)

15 minutes in the movie, Álex González leaves his bed and reveals his naked body. First we see his very nice bubble butt and after a while in order to dress up, he turns around and reveals his nice uncut penis. We get to see it for a few seconds as he takes time to dress up. It is the only scene in the movie with total nudity from Álex González.