image 6481

Ronnie Kroell, Jesse Archer and Jake Steel in Into the Lion's Den (2011)

At the beginning of the movie, we get full frontal nudity of Jake Steel. He is fully erect and shows us proudly his big cut dick. Towards the end of the movie, we finally see Ronnie Kroell's big cut dick at various angles. He is nice and big! We also briefly see Jesse Archer's penis a little while before Ronnie's. It seems Jesse Archer first has a prosthetic penis but then we can see parts of his smaller cut dick.

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Tony Ward, Ivar Johnson, Alex Austin, Kevin Kramer and Kevin P. Scott in Hustler White (1996)

2 minutes in the movie, Tony Ward is naked, having sex with another man and jerking off. We brielfy see his hard cut dick.
4 minutes in the movie, we see Tony Ward dressing up, and we see his butt.
11 minutes in the movie, Kevin P. Scott and Ivar Johnson are making love. We see both of them completely naked. We see Ivar Johnson jerking his big cut cock with a prince albert.
14 minutes in the movie, Tony Ward is naked in a bath with a baby. We see Tony Ward's dick again.

image 1566

Bryce Johnson in Harry + Max (2004)

This movie is about two incestuous brothers, both very cute. The younger one is Cole Williams and the older one is Bryce Johnson. They are in love with each other. It is a great movie. A must watch and a must keep. Unfortunately we don't see much skin of Cole Williams. Just his adorable face and naked torso. We get to see a lot more of Bryce Johnson. We see him jerking off in the shower.. very hot although at that time we don't see his dick nor his butt. We see him getting jerked off by his brother, not naked but through the pants, we see clearly the bulge and shape of his dick there. Later we see his nice butt as he is laying down on his bed. And when he leaves the bed, we can briefly see a bit of his dick.

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Willie Aames in Paradise (1982)

In this remake of Blue Lagoon, Willie Aames is almost naked for half of the movie. And during one scene where he swims under water, we can see his big dick floating between his legs. Otherwise this cute blonde twink is wearing a small short and we can admire his toned body.

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Alexis Arquette, Craig Chester, Michael Stock, Eric Dekker, Mark Ewert, Daniel Boyle and Michael Gunther in Frisk (1995)

Craig Chester is the first showing nudity. We see his butt as he being undressed. We see his butt again in a next scene as he is looking at himself in a mirror, with his pants down. And again when his guest, Michael Gunther hits his butt with his fist. In that scene, Michael Gunther shows us a full frontal. He has a medium size cut dick. Later there is a S&M scene and we can see Craig Chester's butt again. Mid-movie, Michael Gunther meets with Eric Dekker and offers him $180 to see his ass. He agrees, and we see a full frontal from him. Later we finally see Michael Stock naked, but from behind as he goes get a shower. The next one is Alexis Arquette. He plays a junkie. He shows us a nice full frontal. He is a very big cut dick. Then Michael Gunther shoves a bill in Alexis Arquette's pretty butt. His next victim is Mark Ewert. We also get a full frontal from him. He has a nice uncut dick. The last one to be nude is Daniel Boyle. He has a pretty good sized cut dick.

image 8813

Kristof Broda, Damiano Gaumann, David Sembritzki and Andreas Kriener in G: Lost in Frankfurt (2015)

27 minutes in the movie, we see Kristof Broda's large uncut penis and Damiano Gaumann's butt as Damiano Gaumann is fucking Kristof Broda.

41 minutes in the movie, Kristof Broda is undressed by Damiano Gaumann. We see Kristof Broda's butt and low hanging balls, as well as his massive uncut dick from behind hanging past his balls.
Right after, Kristof Broda removes Damiano Gaumann's underwear. We see Damiano Gaumann's butt and massive uncut dick, first a partial view from the side and then a view from behind of what's hanging.
We also see David Sembritzki's butt.

image 4051

Mark McGann in The Manageress (1989)

In this TV show, there is a lot of nudity. The scenes in the locker rooms and showers are filmed without censorship. One of the main actors that shows us everything is Mark McGann. He gets naked in front of the manageress, showing us his butt as the camera is filming from behind. Later as he gets into a hot tub, we see him getting in, and we see his uncut dick and balls as he steps in the tub.

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Joe Dallesandro and John Putnam in Trash (1970)

For the first 10 minutes of the movie, Joe Dallesandro is naked. We first see his bubble butt and then his big circumcised dick. No need to pause the movie, as there are a full 10 minutes of full frontal and rear nudity. His dick is then half erect.
His pubes are untrimed and somewhat bushy.
25 minutes in the movie, a girl takes Joe Dallesandro's cock out of his underwear and we see his butt again 28 minutes in the movie as he is making love to the girl.
39 minutes in the movie, we see John Putnam's butt and dick. He is also circumcised. His pubes are extremely bushy.
50 minutes in the movie, Joe Dallesandro is taking a bath for 8 minutes and we can admire his body at length. There is a girl in the bathroom with him that find his dick "rather large".
66 minutes in the movie, we see Joe Dallesandro's dick again for 4 minutes and finally at the last minute of the movie again.