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Henrik Øhlers, Claus Bender Mortensen, Thomas Sigsgaard and Morten Stig Christensen in Friends Forever (1987)

Henrik Øhlers is getting out the shower 40 minutes in the movie. He loses is towel and proudly shows his butt and nice uncut dick. He is obviously proud! One hour in the movie, a woman undresses Claus Bender Mortensen. We see his nice young butt. No frontal from him but some interesting bulges throughout the movie. The very good looking Thomas Sigsgaard is seen naked 75 minutes in the movie, as he is being butt fucked by his boyfriend Morten Stig Christensen. He is a delicious butt. After Henrik walks on them having sex, we finally see Morten Stig Christensen's full frontal.

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Jack O'Connell in Eden Lake (2008)

Jack O'Connell is flashing his cock in that movie. It's brief but we can see his uncut dick. Jack O'Connell is somewhat erect, reasonably thick but not that long.

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Libero De Rienzo in Fat Girl (2001)

In this movie, there are two main sex scenes with Libero De Rienzo. He is a great looking Italian actor with a very nice and big uncut dick. In the first scene, we see him getting on a bed with a underage girl. He has a hard-on, very erect. In the second scene, we see him rolling a condom on his already erect dick. We see him having sex and we get a good view of his butt also. His penis is so erect, that it may be a prosthetic.

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James Franco in Whatever It Takes (2000)

In this movie, James Franco wears nothing but a thong. So he is not really naked, but a thong is not much, so we thought we should include this movie here. Seeing him tied to a bed, arms and legs spread away, with his trimmed armpits, his amazing hairless body, and his packed thong is a view you will not forget. James Franco indicated in an interview that he was uncut, so the circumcision status has been updated based on this information.

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Joshua Sasse in Rogue (2013)

Joshua Sasse gets naked 11 minutes in episode 3 of season 1. We first see his tatooed butt.
Then 12 minutes in the episode, we briefly see his thick uncut penis.

image 5095

Nicholas Clay in Lady Chatterley's Lover (1981)

23 minutes in the movie, there is a hot scene by a well. Nicholas Clay gets completely naked to clean himself. We see his butt and then his cut dick from the side. The scene lasts a pretty long time, and we get a closed up view at his butt that he cleans carefully.

image 1362

David Boreanaz in These Girls (2005)

In this movie, David Boreanaz (from Bones, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ...) appears briefly completely naked. He appears uncut but we are not completely sure from the zoomed-in screenshots. He has a pretty nice butt as we can see him walk out of his bedroom naked.

image 8657

Johan Libéreau in Grand Central (2013)

Johan Libéreau is fully naked 12 minutes in the movie.
He pulls an helicopter dick in front of his friend. Johan Libéreau's dick is somewhat erect and with a partially retracted foreskin.