image 8743

Peter Caulfield in Cucumber (2015)

42 minutes in episode 1 of season 1, Peter Caulfield is parading naked in a house. We see his soft dick at first, and then briefly his butt.
Peter Caulfield is uncut.

image 8714

Ryan Reynolds in Van Wilder: Party Liaison (2002)

Ryan Reynolds shows his butt at the beginning of the movie. No frontal but a good view at his bottom.
There are several naked scenes in the movie, but not revealing any further frontal or rear nudity.

image 8463

Alex Dimitriades and Julian Garner in Head On (1998)

6 minutes in the movie, Alex Dimitriades is masturbating in bed. A very hot and sensual scene. At the end of that scene, we see Alex Dimitriades touching his very thick uncut and hard cock.
84 minutes in the movie, Alex Dimitriades is forced to strip by the police. We see his butt but he is covering his genitals.
90 minutes in the movie, Alex Dimitriades and Julian Garner are both naked. They start fooling around but then start fighting naked. We see both butts at length as they fight. We also briefly see Julian Garner's small uncut penis.

image 8616

Alex Vardas in Venus in the Garden

Alex Vardas is naked a lot in the movie. First we see his butt 2 minutes in the movie.
15 minutes in the movie, Alex Vardas turns around and we see his long uncut dick.
17 minutes in the movie, Alex Vardas starts dancing and flopping his dick around for a long time.

image 8702

Tom Riley, Matthew Tennyson, Mathew David, James Faulkner, Hugh Bonneville, Elliot Cowan , Vincent Riotta and Tom Bateman in Da Vinci's Demons Season 1 (2013)

2 minutes in episode 1, we see the butt of Hugh Bonneville, as well as the butt of Mathew David.
12 minutes in episode 1, we see the penis of James Faulkner . He is having a bath with Matthew Tennyson. We can see his uncut penis in the water.
Towards the end of the episode, we also briefly see Tom Riley's butt.

7 minutes in episode 2, we see a partial view of Elliot Cowan's butt.

35 minutes in episode 4, we get a good view at Tom Riley's bubble butt.

image 8722

Michael J. Fox in Greedy (1994)

29 minutes in the movie, and for a long minute, we see Michael J. Fox's butt. No frontal view, but long and detailed views of his butt.

image 8108

James McAvoy in The Last King of Scotland (2006)

Right at the beginning of the movie, we see James McAvoy in his wet underwear, with a clear bulge.
There are several other bulge scenes later on also.
50 minutes in the movie, James McAvoy only wearing a short undresses in front of the camera. He is slightly remote, so we don't see a lot of details.
We can however see that James McAvoy has a great bubble butt and a rather large uncut penis.
We see again his butt when he is making love to a woman, 74 minutes through the movie.

image 8720

Lorenzo Balducci, Alex Batllori and Alex Brendemühl in Falling Star (2014)

14 minutes in the movie, Alex Batllori is shaving his pubes in a very sexy scene. He is however hiding his penis.

27 minutes in the movie, Lorenzo Balducci is fully erect and fucking a watermelon. The scene is filmed from a distance, but at the end of the scene, we get a close-up view at his big uncut penis.

44 minutes in the movie, we see Alex Brendemühl's butt as he is stepping into a tub.