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Geoffrey Couët, François Nambot and Bastien Gabriel in Paris 05:59: Théo & Hugo (2016)

The first 20 minutes of the movie are hot unsimulated gay sex scenes, filmed at Paris's gay nudist club l'Impact.

4 minutes in the movie, we see François Nambot's erect cut dick. Then we see his butt. 6 minutes in the movie, we see the uncut dick and balls Bastien Gabriel, and again more clearly some seconds after as he is getting ready to fuck him. François Nambot's dick is fully erect.

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Sullivan Stapleton, Philip Winchester and Matthew Leitch in Strike Back (2010)

In season 2, episode 7, at the beginning of the episode, Sullivan Stapleton has a long sex scene. We see his smooth butt and his hairy chest.

In season 2, episode 8, 3 minutes in the episode, Matthew Leitch is naked in bed. We see his nice butt. Then, when he turns offer, we see his balls in between his legs, and brielfy, the tip of his uncut dick.

In season 2, episode 9, 5 minutes in the episode, Philip Winchester is naked in bed. We see his amazing body, as well as his pubes.

In season 3, episode 3, 13 minutes in the episode, we see Sullivan Stapleton's butt.

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Nicolas Cazalé, Thomas Dumerchez and Olivier Perez in 3 Dancing Slaves (2004)

In this movie, Nicolas Cazalé and Thomas Dumerchez show us in details their beautiful dicks and butts. They are very impressive. Gael Morel must also be a fetish of shaving, as we can see in this movie Nicolas shaving his hair and then trimming his pubes, but also that Thomas has his pubes completely shaved and there is an intense session where Salim Kechiouche shaves Thomas's butt hair! A must see! Olivier Perez is also showing us everything while playing a transvestite.

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Pablo Puyol in 20 Centimeters (2005)

We get to see a few times Mónica Cervera's huge 8 inch prosthetic penis. Her boyfriend Pablo Puyol, does not mind that she has a penis... he actually enjoys taking it up the ass. Pablo Puyol is seen completely naked in a scene in the kitchen after he makes love for the first time with Monica. He arrives completely naked, with an impressive chubby. Instead of covering his genitals, he proudly display the goods and finally shows us his butt when he returns to the bedroom.

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Eric Michael Cole in Gia (1998)

Eric Michael Cole is in bed with Angelina Jolie. She removes his underwear and goes play with it. At that time, we see Eric Michael Cole's very nice butt. As Angelina gets back in bed, there is one frame (or maybe 2, but not many more) where we can see Eric Michael Cole's penis. He has a very nice uncut dick. In another scene, he goes naked to the bathroom, and we see his butt as he walks. We can see parts of his balls hanging in between his legs. Too bad the camera filmed from behind!

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Phénix Brossard and Alex Lawther in Departure (2015)

74 minutes in the movie, Phénix Brossard is getting naked to swim in a lake. We get a quick view at his uncut dick, his bushy pubic area, and his nice ass and butt hole.

98 minutes in the movie, we see Alex Lawther naked, jumping off a bridge. We see his butt as he jumps. We don't see more after he jumps, despite all the under-water views.

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Pio Marmaï in Bazar (2009)

We get to see Pio Marmaï naked in details in this movie. He stands naked in a kitchen and in bed, letting us admire his amazing dick. He has a nice long uncut penis, with a long and tight foreskin. His pubes are untrimmed. In bed, his penis is also very impressive and appears even longer. Maybe he was a little excited.

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Mark Rylance in Intimacy (2001)

Mark Rylance is naked for a good part of the movie. He has many sex scenes which are real. It starts at the very beginning of the movie. 4 minutes in the movie, we see Mark Rylance uncut cock, first soft and then erect. The penetration is not simulated. 5 minutes in the movie, we see Mark putting a condom on his erect dick. 16 minutes in the movie, 26 minutes, 34 minutes, 68 minutes and 80 minutes in the movie, are other sex scenes where we can see Mark naked. 34 minutes in the movie, a woman performs oral sex to Mark Rylance without simulation.

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Sean Paul Lockhart in Truth (2013)

Sean Paul Lockhart shows it all again in this movie. Although Rob Moretti has sex scenes with Sean Paul Lockhart, we don't see Rob Moretti butt or penis.

Their first sex scene is 6 minutes in the movie, and we see Sean Paul Lockhart's butt. He also has amazing nipples and body all over.

Then 8 minutes in the movie, we see Sean Paul Lockhart's thick penis as he enters the bathroom.

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Jake Gyllenhaal in Love and Other Drugs (2010)

31 minutes in the movie, Jake Gyllenhaal is completely naked on a bed. He is hiding his penis with his leg. However, 2 minutes after, when he rolls over. We get a very brief view at his dick. Jake Gyllenhaal has a relatively long cut penis. 41 minutes in the movie, there is another sex scene where his girlfiend is performing oral sex, but we don't see anything as a sheet is covering the area. 91 minutes in the movie, Jake Gyllenhaal runs naked to the bathroom. We see his butt but it's off focus.