Wes Bentley in American Beauty (1999)

Wes Bentley is a teen in this movie that gets in trouble with his homophobic gay dad, who believes Wes is having an affair with his neighbor Kevin Spacey. This movie is a must see. Wes is seen naked with partial butt shot.

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Saga Becker, Iggy Malmborg, Mats Jäderlund and Emil Almén in Something Must Break (2014)

14 minutes in the movie, we see the tip of Iggy Malmborg's uncut penis as he is peeing against a tree.

19 minutes in the movie, Iggy Malmborg undresses and we see his nice torso.

26 minutes in the movie, we see Mats Jäderlund's big uncut penis as he is tied naked on a bed.

28 minutes in the movie, we finally see Saga Becker's huge uncut penis, with his completely shaved pubis. We get ample view of his penis with great close-ups.

29 minutes in the movie, we see Iggy Malmborg's butt. Saga Becker then rims his butt hole.

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Michael Molina, Matt Cannon, Joe Almanza, Grant Barker, Houston Bernard and Scott Spragg in 2 Minutes Later (2007)

14 minutes in the movie, there is a naked photoshoot of Grant Barker. He has a nice body and a good cut dick.
19 minutes in the movie, we see pictures of another photoshoot with Joe Almanza naked. He has a cut dick.
20 minutes in the movie, we see Grant Barker naked again.
and then Scott Spragg naked. He has a guiche piercing.
We see his butt but we do not get see his penis.
Then we see Houston Bernard. He has a large cut dick.
22 minutes in the movie, we see Michael Molina naked, but only his butt.

matt brewer face

Mark Cirillo and Matt Brewer in Waiting for Dracula (2012)

15 minutes in the movie, a love scene engages between Mark Cirillo and Matt Brewer. At first they are in a sauna, and we can clearly see Mark Cirillo's big penis, which is erect.

The scene then moves on to to a jacuzzi. As Matt Brewer is getting in the water, we get a great view at his butt, and then his balls and dick when is gets in the water. He appears to be uncut and thick, with beautiful balls.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Tangled (2001)

In this movie, you can see Jonathan completely naked. As you can see, this Irishman is pretty well endowed. He is so sexy! The movie also stars Shawn Hatosy, from public enemies and many other movies.