image 8630

Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss and Dieter Bach in Return to Go!

21 minutes in the movie, we see Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss's butt as he is on top of Dieter Bach.
As he moves out, we see Dieter Bach's butt also.
23 minutes in the movie, we see Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss's balls too as he returns in bed with Dieter Bach.
24 minutes in the movie, as Dieter Bach is now out of bed, we remotely see his balls and dick, from behind, in between his legs.

image 4019

Joe Lia and Lance Lee Davis in FAQs (2005)

Joe Lia has a very nice hairy body. He shows us everything! There is one scene where we can see his nice cut dick and big low hanging balls, and also his firm butt. He shows us his butt in following scenes too. He is hosted by a drag queen, whose policy is to be naked 2 hours per day. Good for us! The other comedian showing nudity is Lance Lee Davis. He only shows us rear nudity, and in one scene where he makes love to Joe Lia.

image 5151

Tom Long in The Book of Revelation (2006)

28 minutes in the movie, we see Tom Long naked on a bed. His body is very lean. We first see his butt and then very briefly his thick dick. Then 40 minutes in the movie, he kidnapped by masked woman who tie him and sexually abuse him. 46 minutes in the movie we see his big cut dick as a woman shreds his clothes. Tom Long also has big balls. He is even forced to jerking himself off in front of his captors.

image 8692

Arduíno Colassanti in How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman (1971)

31 minutes in the movie, and for the vast majority of the movie after that, Arduíno Colassanti is naked.
We first see his butt. Then we see his dick for the first time, 33 minutes in the movie. He has a long cut dick and as he wears no clothes, we see his penis all the time, as he runs or walks.

image 8728

Thomas Jane and Olivier Gruner in Nemesis (1992)

30 minutes in the movie, we see Thomas Jane's butt.

32 minutes in the movie, we see Thomas Jane's butt again.

38 minutes in the movie, there is a very quick view, on a few frames, of Thomas Jane's penis.

45 minutes in the movie, there is a good view of Olivier Gruner's butt.

image 8764

Jack Matthews in Drown (2015)

This movie is an eye candy about beach boys and lifesavings tournaments. Most of the guys are wearing nothing but speedos for a good part of the movie. Many nice bulges to look at throughout the movie.
63 minutes in the movie, we see Jack Matthews's butt as he stripped by force.
64 minutes in the movie, he is completely naked and covering his uncut penis.
The other guys next to him, comment he has a smooth dick, and a foreskin.
67 minutes in the movie, he is forced to show his massive uncut dick. We see it for many minutes. Jack Matthews' penis is thick and long.

image 8017

Stanley Weber in Juste un peu d'@mour (2009)

Stanley Weber is taking a bath 15 minutes in the movie. As he leaves the tub, we get a quick glance at his nice uncut dick. There are other shirtless scenes from him in the movie.

image 8806

Michael A. Guzman, Gil Bar-Sela and Tim Swain in Between Something & Nothing (2008)

6 minutes in the movie, Michael A. Guzman is naked. We see his big thick penis as he is posing. We also see his butt.

13 minutes in the movie, we again see Michael A. Guzman's massive dick as well as his butt.

58 minutes in the movie, we see Gil Bar-Sela's butt. Then we see Tim Swain's butt.

97 minutes in the movie, we see the butt of an extra.