image 8815

Peters Firth in Equus (1977)

1 minute in the movie, we see Peter Firth's butt.

76 minutes in the movie, Peter Firth undresses. We see his large uncut dick, but from a distance.
Then we get a brief closer view at his uncut dick when he gets on the horse.

116 minutes in the movie, Peter Firth undresses again, we get a good look at his nice butt and again at his long uncut dick.

120 minutes in the movie, we get another great view at Peter Firth's uncut cock.

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Nicolas Duvauchelle in Secrets of State (2008)

In this movie, the good looking French actor Nicolas Duvauchelle finally shows us everything. There is a shower scene in jail which reveal his big and thick uncut dick. Also during the fight scene, one can see he has a tight foreskin.

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Leandro Stivelman in Don't Look Down (2008)

Leandro Stivelman is naked for most part of the movie, along with Antonella Costa. We get a very good view of his dick and a decent view of his ass at several occasions. Leandro has a very nice and pretty big uncut dick. It is pretty thick. The area is pretty bushy. Clearly no manscaping there, Leandro seems to prefer it au naturel! If you like Leandro, you will love this movie. He clearly has no problem with nudity and plays pretty real with Antonella, touching her pussy and licking her tits while she also touches his semi-hard penis.

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Shia LaBeouf, Anders Hove, Clayton Nemrow, Jesse Inman, Jonas Baeck and Christian Gade Bjerrum in Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (2013)

17 minutes in the movie, we see Shia LaBeouf's circumcised penis and butt as he is making love to a young girl.
26 minutes in the movie, we see a partial butt view of Anders Hove.
31 minutes in the movie, we see the erect penis of Clayton Nemrow. The we see him getting a blow job.

39 minutes in the movie, we see the penis of Jesse Inman penetrating a girl.
Then we see Jonas Baeck's butt.
And after the scene we clearly see Jesse Inman's uncut penis.
And we also see Jonas Baeck's uncut penis.

image 1726

Tom Hardy and Laurence Fox in Colditz (2005)

In this movie, Tom Hardy and Laurence Fox are both seen fully naked (frontal) as they are forced to take a shower after being captured. Both are uncut. Laurence Fox has a pretty big dick.

image 3895

Lennie Burmeister in Bungalow (2002)

In this movie, we see Lennie Burmeister masturbating on his bed. He drops his underwear and starts jerking off. His dick is uncut but remains soft as this scene does not last very long. Later Lennie Burmeister find a female swimsuit and decides to wear it. As he undresses, we see his nice butt and again his uncut dick. His dick is soft but appears relatively thick.

image 8658

Mark Portus, Ryan Dungo and Dennis Torres in Sagwan (2009)

2 minutes in the movie, Mark Portus is receiving oral sex and as he goes to pull up his pants we get a nice closeup of his dick.
16 minutes in the movie, we see Ryan Dungo's dick as he is urinating and then stroking himself.
42 minutes in the movie, we get a shot of Mark Portus' erect dick when he is with a client. We briefly see the client's penis and ass, as well.
60 minutes in the movie, we see a side view of Ryan Dungo taking a shower. We can also see part of his dick from the side.

image 3231

John-Michael Lander and Alan Natale in All the Rage (1997)

No frontal nudity in this movie, but quite a lot of general nudity. One hour in the movie, John-Michael Lander and Alan Natale are in a locker room changing. We see first Alan Natale's white butt, who wraps a towel around his waist. Then John-Michael Lander reveals his butt too. Alan Natale looks at John-Michael Lander's front but the camera doesn't. They end up making love later in the movie.