image 7428

William Fichtner and Desmond Askew in Go (1999)

9 minutes in the movie, Timothy Olyphant is shirtless and when he bends over, we see his butt crack. 46 minutes in the movie, we see Desmond Askew's butt as he is running naked in a hallway. His butt is somewhat flat. 65 minutes in the movie, Scott Wolf is only wearing his underwear. We get to see close-up views of his nice bulge. 74 minutes in the movie, William Fichtner is naked. We see his butt at first and then when he dresses up, we get to see his balls and dick in between his legs. William Fichtner is circumcised.

image 7136

Rupert Friend in Homeland (2012)

In episode 7 of season 2, that aired on Showtime on Sunday November 11th 2012, Rupert Friend is in a hospital and suddenly drops his gown. We see his very nice and firm butt and for a couple of frames what appears to be a pretty big, white, uncut cock.

image 8752

Max Parodi in Frivolous Lola (1998)

66 minutes in the movie, Max Parodi is getting naked. We first see his firm young butt.
Then we see his penis as he is unrolling with a woman's help a condom on his erect penis.
When he makes love to the woman, we see his butt in great details.
After the love scene, as he rolls on his back, we get a good view at his soft uncut cock.

image 8617

Florent Gouelou in Belle salope (2010)

In this short movie, Florent Gouelou starts the movie naked being spanked. We see his butt, red from spanking. Then as he leaves we see his low hanging big balls and briefly his big uncut dick.

image 2671

Byron Pang and Thomas Price in Amphetamine (2010)

Byron Pang shows us a full frontal from the beginning on the movie and continues throughout. Byron Pang and Thomas Price meet and sexual tension builds up. There is very sensual shower scene as they both bath naked next to one another. Thomas Price cannot help and look at the nice body of Byron Pang. He quickly masturbates under the shower but we can only see the very tip of Thomas's dick. In the next scene, Byron Pang makes love to his girlfriend but obviously thinks of Thomas. Byron and Thomas meet again and they end up both naked in a hot tub. We see both of them frontal, but with a distance. They end up cuddling and kissing. A few days after, they end up in bed together. Thomas pulls the blanket to reveal Byron Pang's erect dick. Later Byron Pang remembers a story where he saved a girl from being raped by a gang, and in exchange got stripped naked in the mud and finally raped by that gang. We see him completely naked again. The sodomy scenes are not actually shown. Later Byron Pang and Thomas Price are naked together and start playing. We see very briefly but clearly Thomas Price's uncut dick and big balls. Later, after a train trip, they get arrested by the police and both stripped naked. They both get anal checked by the police. Later, in the shower, they finally have anal sex together and Thomas Price penetrates Byron Pang.

image 8701

Matthew Rush in Third Man Out (2005)

55 minutes in the movie, Matthew Rush undresses. We first see his butt and then his dick in the mirror. Matthew Rush has a big cut dick and has also appeared in pornographic movies.

image 8611

Jamie Campbell Bower and James Purefoy in Camelot (2011)

7 minutes in the the pilot episode, Jamie Campbell Bower is naked but we don't see much.
20 minutes in the episode, James Purefoy is naked making love to a woman. When he flips over her, we clearly see his butt.
44 minutes in the movie, Jamie Campbell Bower is dreaming. In his dreams he is naked. We see his nice butt as he is making love to a girl.


Janne Puustinen in A Moment in the Reeds (2017)

This movie is a ridiculous pro-migrant propaganda movie, where a Finnish boy falls in love with a Syrian migrant, while dealing with his xenophobic dad.
The boy ends up having sex (bottom and eventually top) with the Syrian migrant.

46 minutes in the movie, we see Janne Puustinen's butt and 48 minutes in the movie we see Janne Puustinen's uncut penis.
The view is brief.

image 3342

Jai Courtney, Mike Edward, Daniel Feuerriegel and Ande Cunningham in Spartacus: Blood and Sand (2010)

In episode 8 of season 1, we get to see a lot of nudity. There is the much expected rear nudity of blonde cutie Jai Courtney. We see his butt as he is making love to a woman. We hope we will get to see front nudity from him someday. Episode 8 is also an episode where threee new slaves are brought in: Mike Edward, Daniel Feuerriegel and Ande Cunningham. We see rear nudity from the three of them as they need to be presented naked. They all three have nice butts. In addition to that, there is the much commented front nudity of Mike Edward. During that scene in the area where we see all three butts, we get to see Mike Edwards huge uncut dick. It's obviously a prosthetic. On the Blu-ray version of the show, there is an extra scene with front nudity of Mike Edward.