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Iddo Goldberg in Attachments (2000)

Iddo Goldberg likes to skateboard naked. At this occasion, we get to see him naked front and back. His dick is fairly impressive. Iddo looks like a geek in this tv show but he has a very nice and lean body, with a very well defined six pack.

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Jeremy Jordan in Live Nude Girls (1995)

This movie describes the sexual lives and feelings of a group of women. At one point in the movie, Jeremy Jordan plays the role of a Greenpeace door-to-door advocate. Jeremy Jordan is a famous singer from the 90s, which hits include "My Love Is Good Enough" and "Try My Love". We get to see him naked with long views of his butt. A very nice bubble butt we can admire as he makes love to a woman.

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Jirí Cerný in Honeymoon (2013)

85 minutes in the movie, Jirí Cerný is naked taking a bath. We first see his butt, partially. Later in that scene, as he is fighing with other guys, we see his dick very clearly on a few frames. Jirí Cerný appears to be cut.
89 and 91 minutes in the movie, there are additional partial shots of Jirí Cerný's penis.

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Yiannis Papadopoulos in Boy Eating the Bird's Food (2012)

Yiannis Papadopoulos is filmed all along the movie with close up views.
We first see his fine torso 1 minute in the movie.
19 minutes in the movie, we finally see Yiannis Papadopoulos's butt as he goes to shower.
During this shower scene, we also partially see his penis as he is washing it.
26 minutes in the movie, is a very intense masturbation scene, that could very well have been part of a porn movie.

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Vince Corazza and Troy Ruptash in Fantasmopolis (2002)

29 minutes in the movie, we see Vince Corazza's butt as he is lying on the bed.

52 minutes, we see Vince Corazza's butt again while he is peeing in a bathroom.

56 minutes in the movie, we see Troy Ruptash's butt as he is making love with Vince Corazza.

61 minutes in the movie, we see Vince Corazza's butt again as he is making love to a woman.

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Benji Crisnis, Theo Montgomery and Forth Richards in Wrecked (2009)

Benji Crisnis is living with his boyfriend Theo Montgomery. We see them kissing and making love, but no real visible nudity at that time. Later, Benji Crisnis is alone at home, and he masturbates while on-line. We see him taking his pants down and revealing his erected penis. He has a circumcised dick of significant size. Later in the movie, we see Benji Crisnis again naked, from behind, we a good view at his nice butt, his butt cheeks spread and his big balls hanging in between! As later Benji Crisnis is making love with Theo Montgomery, we very briefly see Theo Montgomery's cut penis, which is not very big at that time. Theo Montgomery bottoms for Benji Crisnis. We have another full frontal from Benji Crisnis as he gets out of bed in the morning. Benji leaves Theo's home and goes meet with Forth Richards. They make love and we see both of them naked in that very hot sequence. The video is blurred during the sexual scenes, but we can understand what is going on. In the morning, we get another full clear frontal of Benji Crisnis getting dressed. Later in the movie, Theo Montgomery walks on Benji Crisnis getting a blowjob from Forth Richards. They engage in a threesome. We can see through the blurred action that the three of them have hard-ons. In the morning, as Theo Montgomery dresses up, we get a full frontal from him.

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Vincent Perez in Queen Margot (1994)

50 minutes in the movie, Vincent Perez is wounded, and as they remove his clothes, we get a good view at his sweet uncut dick and lean butt. 95 minutes in the movie, there is a love scene with Vincent Perez, and we see his bubble butt and then his penis with a clean full frontal after his leaves the bed.

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Darren Healy and Emmet Scanlan in Savage (2009)

Darren Healy is the main star in the movie. We don't see him naked until the end of the movie, where is performs a long frontal, although from a slight distance. Enough to tell he is uncut and not huge (he may be a grower!). On the other hand, Emmet Scanlan is sporting a semi hard dick in the gym locker room and happily wagging his big dick. He appears to be cut or he may be just aroused as he was born in Ireland where circumcision is unusual. It's hard to tell.

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Fab Filippo, Randy Harrison, Justin Tensen, Gale Harold, Robert Gant, Harris Allan, Trevor Hardy, Peter Paige, Hal Sparks and Scott Lowell in Queer as Folk (2002)

2 minutes in episode 1, we see Fab Filippo's pubes and butt. Then we see his hairy butt crack and in briefly in between his legs what appears to be a sock on his dick.
3 minutes in episode 1, on one frame we see Randy Harrison's dick.
41 minutes in episode 1, we see Justin Tensen naked. We briefly see his balls and uncut dick, and then his nice butt. We also see Gale Harold's butt.

42 minutes in episode 2, there are naked extras with full frontal.

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Roman Knizka in Fashion Victims (2007)

77 minutes in the movie, Roman Knizka gets out of bed. While the action is fast, we can see Roman Knizka's dick and balls bouncing when he gets out of bed, and then we see his butt.