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Ben Affleck and Sam Rockwell in Glory Daze (1995)

Right at the beginning of the movie, we see Ben Affleck, with its hairy chest, getting out of bed shirtless, and as he goes to the bathroom, we see Sam Rockwell in the shower. We see Sam Rockwell's through the curtain, but quite clearly, as he is heads out the shower, we see part of his penis. 21 minutes in the movie, Ben Affleck is dressed as a clown. He drops his pants, and then his boxers. He reveals a fine butt.

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Juan Manuel Martino and Charly Etchévers in We Are Thr3e (2018)

30 minutes in the movie, we see Charly Etchévers's butt.

31 minutes in the movie, we see Juan Manuel Martino's butt. Then we see his big uncut and hard cock.

32 minutes in the movie, we see Charly Etchévers's uncut penis. Then we can another delicious view at Juan Manuel Martino's soft penis.

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Thibault Vinçon in The Sentiment of the Flesh (2010)

Thibault Vinçon is naked in bed 16 minutes in the movie. A woman pulls the sheet away and reveals his very fine butt. 27 minutes in the movie, Thibault Vinçon is naked again on the bed. This time he is on his back and we can see his big uncut cock. 31 minutes in the movie, Thibault Vinçon is fighting naked. We see his butt and briefly his dick too.

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Wentworth Miller in The Human Stain (2003)

21 minutes in the movie, Wentworth Miller is naked in bed. At first we don't see much as the camera is filming from the side. But then at the end of the scene, he rolls on the bed, and we get a quick glimpse at his butt.
No frontal nudity in this movie, but Wentworth Miller is known for being uncut.

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Milo Ventimiglia in That's My Boy (2012)

41 minutes in the movie, Milo Ventimiglia dresses down to his underwear. He reveals a small bulge but looks into his underwear to check his package. Too bad the camera isn't filming what he sees! 94 minutes in the movie he is naked in bed. He gets out of the bed and back in. It seems the movie has been edited to remove his genitals. We anyway get a great view at his butt and the rest of his body! On one frame as he gets out of bed, it seems we can see a thick cut cock.

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Alejo Sauras in Welcome Home (2006)

Alejo Sauras is a Spanish model. He has a great body and shows us everything in this movie. Mid-movie, as Alejo is going back home, he does not realize that his wife has visitors. He undresses completely to realize only after that they are watching him. We see first his butt, a very nice bubble butt, and we see him spread his cheeks as he takes his pants off. At that time, his big hairy balls appear in between his legs. Then he turns around and we can admire his thick uncut dick. Quite a pleasant view. Too bad it's not erect!

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Tom Long in The Book of Revelation (2006)

28 minutes in the movie, we see Tom Long naked on a bed. His body is very lean. We first see his butt and then very briefly his thick dick. Then 40 minutes in the movie, he kidnapped by masked woman who tie him and sexually abuse him. 46 minutes in the movie we see his big cut dick as a woman shreds his clothes. Tom Long also has big balls. He is even forced to jerking himself off in front of his captors.

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Todd Verow, Jono Mainelli and Michael Burke in Bulldog in the White House (2006)

26 minutes in the movie, we see the ass of Todd Verow.
28 minutes in the movie, we see his balls and briefly his dick.
Then we see the hairy ass of Jono Mainelli.

33 minutes in the movie, Todd Verow is naked and we see his dick.

42 minutes in the movie, we see Todd Verow's butt and then Todd Verow naked in the shower with Michael Burke. We see in that scene Michael Burke's penis and butt.