image 8701

Matthew Rush in Third Man Out (2005)

55 minutes in the movie, Matthew Rush undresses. We first see his butt and then his dick in the mirror. Matthew Rush has a big cut dick and has also appeared in pornographic movies.

image 8626

Patricio Ramos and Mario Verón in Solo (2013)

Patricio Ramos and Mario Verón are both naked for a good part of the movie. They are both hot.
18 and 21 minutes in the movie, we see primarily Patricio Ramos's butt.
34 minutes in the movie, there is a nice view of Mario Verón naked on a couch. We see his ball and a piece of his big dick in between his thighs.
Finally, 47 minutes in the movie, Patricio Ramos and Mario Verón are both naked on a bed, and we get clear full frontal nudify from both of them.
Patricio Ramos has a medium sized uncut dick with big balls. Mario Verón has a big and thick uncut dick.

image 2934

Jon Lange in I'll Come Running (2008)

We first see Jon Lange's butt as he gets out of bed after making love to his girlfriend. Then, he comes back to the bedroom, and we get a nice full frontal from him. He has a good-sized uncut penis. Unfortunately his girlfriend asks him to dress up! A few minutes later, we see Jon Lange completely naked on the floor. We see them fooling around in a number of other scenes, which are pretty hot, even if there is no other real front nudity.

image 4778

Pablo Puyol in 20 Centimeters (2005)

We get to see a few times Mónica Cervera's huge 8 inch prosthetic penis. Her boyfriend Pablo Puyol, does not mind that she has a penis... he actually enjoys taking it up the ass. Pablo Puyol is seen completely naked in a scene in the kitchen after he makes love for the first time with Monica. He arrives completely naked, with an impressive chubby. Instead of covering his genitals, he proudly display the goods and finally shows us his butt when he returns to the bedroom.

image 4812

Gerard Butler and Billy Connolly in Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown (1997)

28 minutes in the movie, Gerard Butler and Billy Connolly both undress completely to go swim in the ocean. As they run naked we see their penises flopping around and then their butts. The scene is not very long but it is very clear. Both have good-sized uncut penises. Gerard Butler has a nicer butt as he is younger.

image 8812

Juan Manuel Martino, Lucas Papa, Darío Miño, Gaston Re, Gabriel Epstein and Arturo Frutos in Taekwondo (2016)

3 minutes in the movie, we see the thick uncut dick of Juan Manuel Martino. His dick is getting bigger as he chats with the other guys.

10 minutes in the movie, we see Juan Manuel Martino lying down naked on a bed. We see his beautiful uncut dick.

19 minutes in the movie, Lucas Papa is undressing to shower. We briefly see his dick.

20 minutes in the movie, we see Darío Miño's butt. Then we see Gaston Re's uncut dick.

21 minutes in the movie, we see the dicks of Darío Miño and Lucas Papa.

image 2115

Paul Nicholls, Luke Treadaway and Joseph Mawle in Clapham Junction (2007)

Paul Nicholls is first seen naked front and back. We see him drop his underwear down. He holds his dick so that we can see his nice big balls. Then he starts flopping his semi-hard cut dick in front of a mirror. Finally we see him peeing on a guy, but one can assume it's a stunt. Luke Treadaway is another twink who shows us skin. We first see him from behind (and what a butt!) jerking off. At that time, we don't see his penis, although we can see his low hanging balls moving between his legs. He is jerking off to his neighbor Joseph Mawle. They end up meeting and making love. When it happens, after sensual kissing scenes, we see both of them naked. We see Joseph Mawle's butt and part of his dick that appears to be uncut, when Luke Treadaway is undressing him. The pinnacle is at the end of the movie when we finally see Luke Treadaway uncut dick.

image 8643

Giovanni Ribisi in SubUrbia (1996)

79 minutes in the movie, Giovanni Ribisi removes his shirt and drops his pants. At first, he turns around and we only see his butt.
But then he waves at a friend, and we get a good view at his dick too!

image 3978

Christos Passalis in Dogtooth (2009)

Christos Passalis has a nice chest with a bit of hair. In a scene, he undresses next to a woman. When he does, we get a good and long view at his butt. And when he folds his clothes, he turns around and we see his thick uncut dick. His foreskin appears to be pretty long. Then he sits on the bed next to the woman and she masturbates him but we don't see his dick getting hard. When they make love, we only see partial view of his butt. In another scene, she masturbates him again but this time we see his dick. It's getting real big, thick and veiny. Christos Passalis has a really nice dick. When it's real hard, he makes love to her in front of the camera.