image 8791

Ben Kindon in Barracuda (2016)

17 minutes in episode 2, we see Ben Kindon's butt.
19 minutes in episode 2, Elias Anton and Ben Kindon are both masturbating in their beds.

37 minutes in episode 3, Elias Anton and Ben Kindon kiss.

image 6538

Axel Philippon and Roman Girelli in Ma saison super 8 (2005)

At the very beginning of the movie, we see Axel Philippon taking a shower. As the camera moves down, we briefly see his penis. Axel Philippon has a moderate size uncut penis. 42 minutes in the movie, Axel Philippon is filming Roman Girelli. Roman Girelli is laying down naked on a bed. We get a very detailed view at Roman Girelli's thick uncut penis.

image 8672

Coco Martin and Paolo Rivero in Daybreak (2008)

22 minutes in the movie, we see Coco Martin's butt.
Again 33 minutes in the movie, we briefly see Coco Martin's butt as he is showering.
51 minutes in the movie, we finally see Paolo Rivero's butt.
And 55 minutes in the movie, we see both Coco Martin's and Paolo Rivero's butts together.

image 8761

Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

43 minutes in the movie, we see Jamie Dornan's butt. We briefly see his balls in between his legs.
We see again Jamie Dornan's firm butt as he is making love.
89 minutes in the movie, there is a partial dickshot of Jamie Dornan (we see his pubes and the base of his penis). We then see his butt.
Jamie Dornan is known for being uncut as he already posed naked for Visionaire. It can be seen here here.

image 1789

Toby Hemingway in The Covenant (2006)

We get to see this group of young guys at the swimming pool. A lot of nudity in the showers but none that we can really distinguish, except for Toby Hemingway. We can see his butt as he walks down the locker room. It's interesting to see that Chace Crawford is also in the movie, but no nudity from him below the waist. Just a great hairless body and an angel's face.

image 8648

Felipe Pinto in Young and Wild (2012)

55 minutes in the movie, we see part of Felipe Pinto's butt.
61 minutes in the movie, Felipe Pinto is going to make love to a woman and we see his erect dick. He is very thick and his penis has big veins.
62 minutes in the movie, in the same scene, we see his bubble butt.