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Wade Briggs in Please Like Me (2013)

Wade Briggs is a hottie in this Australian movie. In episode 5 of season 1, Wade Briggs shows his very nice bubble butt, and giggles his chicks as he is brushing his teeth.
We'll hopefully get a full frontal soon!
Wade Briggs also nice a very toned body with firm abs.

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Santiago Magill and Emilram Cossio in Don't Tell Anyone (1998)

We see Emilram Cossio's butt first as he drops his underwear in a lake, in front of Santiago Magill. Later in the movie, we see a full frontal of Santiago, as a woman washes his genitalia. His dick is then quite small as he is nervous. His dick is then half erect when he walks to the woman's bed. We can see his foreskin still covering half of his penis head. He is not very well endowed. There is however extended nudity throughout the movie, as he has sex with different girls and then boys.

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Jimmy Clabots, Steven Gannt, Nick Hawk, Vin Armani and Brace Land in Gigolos (2011)

In Season 1, Episode 1, we see Nick and Jimmy. We briefly see Nick's dick as he is removing a condom from his dick. He has a thick cut dick. We also see his nice firm butt. In that episode we also see Jimmy's butt. In Season 1, Episode 2, we see Steven and Vin. Steven has a big thick uncut dick. And he is not afraid of showing it. His butt is also very nice. Vin has a pretty big cut dick and a very firm body. In Season 1, Episode 3, we see Brace, Jimmy and Nick. Brace has a rather long cut dick. His butt is more floppy because he is older. Jimmy has a BDSM experience. We see his dick entrapped in a chastity device, and we see his smooth nice butt. In Season 1, Episode 4, we see Jimmy and Nick. In Season 1, Episode 5, we see Jimmy, Brace and Vin. In Season 1, Episode 6, we see Jimmy and Steven. We get a closed-up view at Jimmy's penis. In Season 1, Episode 7, we see Steven and Vin. In Season 1, Episode 8, we see Vin.

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Massimo Foschi in Last Cannibal World (1977)

28 minutes in the movie, Massimo Foschi is naked. We see his uncut dick. At that time, we also see some cannibals playing with his penis.
We see the penises and butts of several extras too. Massimo Foschi is naked for the next 70 minutes.

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Tord Vandvik Haugen in Precious Moments (2003)

In this short movie (17 minutes), Tord Vandvik Haugen plays a gay boy. He has an affair with an older man in a hotel room. As he plays naked in the bedroom, we see him completely naked in great details. He has a very impressive long uncut dick. This movie is not very long but worth it.

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Saga Becker, Iggy Malmborg, Mats Jäderlund and Emil Almén in Something Must Break (2014)

14 minutes in the movie, we see the tip of Iggy Malmborg's uncut penis as he is peeing against a tree.

19 minutes in the movie, Iggy Malmborg undresses and we see his nice torso.

26 minutes in the movie, we see Mats Jäderlund's big uncut penis as he is tied naked on a bed.

28 minutes in the movie, we finally see Saga Becker's huge uncut penis, with his completely shaved pubis. We get ample view of his penis with great close-ups.

29 minutes in the movie, we see Iggy Malmborg's butt. Saga Becker then rims his butt hole.

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Ryan Gosling in The Notebook (2004)

24 minutes in the movie, Ryan Gosling is shirtless at a lake, and again 28 minutes in the movie. 33 minutes in the movie, he undresses before making love to a woman but we only see Ryan in underwear in that scene. 48 minutes in the movie, Ryan Gosling is completely naked at a military medical exam, but he is covering his genitals, so we do not see them. 81 minutes in the movie, he walks into a room, carrying a woman and wet from the rain. The bulge in his short reveals a good-sized penis.

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Pepper Fajans in The Graffiti Artist (2004)

Pepper Fajans and Ruben Bansie-Snellman have a bromance in this movie. There is a hot scene where Pepper Fajans jerks off Ruben Bansie-Snellman to completion. We don't see Ruben's penis but the scene is still very hot. Before that scene, as Pepper Fajans is getting out of the shower, we see his butt.

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Bernhard Bulling in Soundless Wind Chime (2009)

9 minutes in the movie, Bernhard Bulling is masturbating on his bed. We see his firm butt at first, then his balls in between his legs. We briefly see his hand moving and what appears to be his uncut dick.
12 minutes in the movie, Bernhard Bulling is bottoming with another actor but we don't see much actual nudity.

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Adam Scott in Tell Me You Love Me (2007)

In this short lived TV show, there is a lot of nudity. Adam Scott is no exception. He spends most of the episodes making love. We even get to see him cum while receiving a hand job from Sonya Walger.