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Matthew Leitch in Sabor tropical (2009)

In a first scene, Matthew Leitch is making love to woman. We first see his nice butt. Then when he is done, we get a good view at his semi erect dick. The quality of that scene is mediocre as it is coming from a videotape. When he gets naked in the kitchen, we then get a very clear view at his butt. We see the tip of his dick when he sits down in the kitchen. As someone knocks at his door and he walks to go open the door, we get a good view at his nice long uncut dick. Matthew Leitch explains he is pround to be a nudist, and we cannot complain about that. He walks again naked in the kitchen and we get more views at his uncut dick and nice long foreskin. In a next scene, Matthew Leitch undresses to get a shower. We see his butt. After his shower, we find him naked with his dick semi hard. Still not completely hard as the foreskin is still covering his penis head. He then films himself naked on the bed. We see his softer dick and his big balls. For the next few minutes he jerks himself off. We see his dick growing as he does, until he cums. In another scene, a male friend massages Matthew's butt and ends up giving him a blow job!

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Eric Schaeffer in Fall (1997)

Right at the beginning of the movie, Eric Schaeffer appears fully naked but from a distance. We can however distinguish his thick cut dick.
42 minutes in the movie, Eric Schaeffer is again naked in a kitchen. The scene is dark so we cannot see all the details, but when he opens the fridge, his big penis clearly appears.
51 minutes in the movie, we see his smooth ass as he is laying down on top of a woman.
85 minutes in the movie, Eric Schaeffer is naked again based on the same scene as at the very beginning but with more footage.

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Franck Dubosc in À nous les garçons (1985)

8 minutes in the movie, there is a nice shower scene, where 4 handsome young men are showering. We see their nice long uncut dicks and firm butts. It's hard to tell who they are, so they are not credited to this post. However, just after this scene, Franck Dubosc is naked in the locker room. We get a good frontal from him as well as a clear rear view. Franck Dubosc has a rather small uncut dick. Later in the movie, there is a dark scene where we see his butt again. He has a very lean body.

image 8174

Jesse Metcalfe in John Tucker Must Die (2006)

Jesse Metcalfe is shirtless in many scenes of the movie.
69 minutes in the movie, Jesse Metcalfe is wearing nothing but a thong. We see his fine butt for many long seconds. The thong is not hiding much of Jesse Metcalfe manhood which seems to be medium sized.
You will also be able to admire Jesse Metcalfe man boobs in this movie.

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Alec Newman and Marc Warren in The Principles of Lust (2003)

Alec Newman is naked in this movie from the opening credits on. We see him naked swimming under water with close ups on his butt and uncut dick. Right at the beginning of the movie he is naked again and we can see his butt and dick again as he dresses up. Later in the movie, Alec is having sex with a girl and we see his cute bubble butt again. There is also a frontal in the shower. Alec is not shy indeed! Towards the end of the movie, Marc Warren is involved in a gang bang scene. We see there some other guys being blown also (for real). We see Marc Warren's butt, balls and erect thick penis in a woman's pussy.

image 8658

Mark Portus, Ryan Dungo and Dennis Torres in Sagwan (2009)

2 minutes in the movie, Mark Portus is receiving oral sex and as he goes to pull up his pants we get a nice closeup of his dick.
16 minutes in the movie, we see Ryan Dungo's dick as he is urinating and then stroking himself.
42 minutes in the movie, we get a shot of Mark Portus' erect dick when he is with a client. We briefly see the client's penis and ass, as well.
60 minutes in the movie, we see a side view of Ryan Dungo taking a shower. We can also see part of his dick from the side.

image 8613

Artem Mishin and Ben Bonenfant in Strapped (2010)

13 minutes in the movie, we see Artem Mishin naked. He is lying on his belly after having been fucked, so we first see his firm butt. Then he rolls over, unveiling his big balls and uncut dick.
At that point in the movie, Ben Bonenfant was only seen shirtless.
59 minutes in the movie, we see part of his butt and his pubes.

image 8745

Jonathan Gavin in Puberty Blues (2014)

24 minutes in episode 1 of season 2, Jonathan Gavin is wearing nothing but a t-shirt. He is in a kitchen along with the handsome Sean Keenan.
Sean Keenan is trying hard not to stare at Jonathan Gavin's dick. We first see Jonathan Gavin's butt as he walking into the kitchen. Then we see his uncut penis as the camera films from the other side of the kitchen.

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Saga Becker, Iggy Malmborg, Mats Jäderlund and Emil Almén in Something Must Break (2014)

14 minutes in the movie, we see the tip of Iggy Malmborg's uncut penis as he is peeing against a tree.

19 minutes in the movie, Iggy Malmborg undresses and we see his nice torso.

26 minutes in the movie, we see Mats Jäderlund's big uncut penis as he is tied naked on a bed.

28 minutes in the movie, we finally see Saga Becker's huge uncut penis, with his completely shaved pubis. We get ample view of his penis with great close-ups.

29 minutes in the movie, we see Iggy Malmborg's butt. Saga Becker then rims his butt hole.