image 8734

Paul Mercurio in Exit to Eden (1994)

24 minutes in the movie, Paul Mercurio is only wearing briefs.

26 minutes in the movie, we see [daze]'s butt as he is wearing nothing but a thong.
28 minutes in the movie, we see Paul Mercurio's butt has is also only wearing a thong.

55 minutes in the movie, Paul Mercurio is completely naked. We see his butt.

94 minutes in the movie, we see Paul Mercurio's butt again.

image 2956

Michael Allen, Simon Bond, John Doherty, Rodney Hutton and Dinesh Sanders in Maslin Beach (1997)

Simon Bond is the first naked man we see in the movie, as Michael Allen arrives at Maslin Beach. Simon Bond is taking a shower on the beach, and we get a good frontal and back from him. He is quite well endowed. Within a few minutes, we see Michael Allen naked on the beach. But we only see his balls at first. The next person we see naked is Dinesh Sanders. He has a darker uncut penis that we can look at several times. The next person is John Doherty. He has a fairly big cut dick. The next one is Rodney Hutton. He has a smaller cut dick. Mid-movie, and several time thereafter, we get good frontals and backs from Michael Allen. He has a decent size cut penis.

image 8702

Tom Riley, Matthew Tennyson, Mathew David, James Faulkner, Hugh Bonneville, Elliot Cowan , Vincent Riotta and Tom Bateman in Da Vinci's Demons Season 1 (2013)

2 minutes in episode 1, we see the butt of Hugh Bonneville, as well as the butt of Mathew David.
12 minutes in episode 1, we see the penis of James Faulkner . He is having a bath with Matthew Tennyson. We can see his uncut penis in the water.
Towards the end of the episode, we also briefly see Tom Riley's butt.

7 minutes in episode 2, we see a partial view of Elliot Cowan's butt.

35 minutes in episode 4, we get a good view at Tom Riley's bubble butt.

image 8763

Michele Riondino in Leopardi (2014)

57 minutes in the movie, Michele Riondino is taking a bath. As he stands up from the bath, we see his uncut dick and then his butt when he turns around.

image 4206

Adrien de Van and Stéphane Rideau in Sitcom (1998)

In this movie, we get rear nudity from Adrien de Van as he carries his sister into a bath tub. No frontal nudity from him, although there is a scene in a swimming pool where he floats on his back. He is wearing trunk underwear that are somewhat see-through and we can guess he has a pretty big package. There is a full frontal scene from Stéphane Rideau, as he is getting a blow job from Adrien's sister. However his huge penis appears to be a prosthetic.

image 6372

Romain Duris in Russian Dolls (2005)

40 minutes in the movie, Romain Duris is crossed dressing. Overall we see him shirtless in many scenes of the movie. There is only one scene with full frontal and rear nudity. 74 minutes in the movie, Romain Duris is naked, chasing his girlfriend. We see his butt and also his long cut penis flopping around as he runs.

image 7450

Peter Sarsgaard in Kinsey (2004)

Peter Sarsgaard first appears naked 49 minutes in the movie. He stands in front of the camera and we can see his small cut penis. 60 minutes in the movie, he is naked again. We see his butt very clearly as he is making love to a woman.