image 8214

Cameron Monaghan, Noel Fisher, Steve Howey and Mike Doyle in Shameless Season 3 (2013)

In episode 6 of season 3, Cameron Monaghan shows us a lot of nudity as in many previous episodes. But for the first time, the camera briefly films Cameron frontally. Pausing the movie to the right frames, we can enjoy Cameron Monaghan's big uncut dick!
In that same episode, Noel Fisher is showing his butt a lot but his penis is hidden.
Steve Howey is also spending a lot of time naked in that episode. We see his butt at lenght and briefly his balls.

image 7382

Danny Gilmore in Lilies (1996)

66 minutes in the movie, Danny Gilmore undresses and steps into a tub. As he does, we see his nice and long uncut dick. We see Danny Gilmore cute butt when he exits the tub 3 minutes later.

image 7841

Bernhard Bulling in Soundless Wind Chime (2009)

9 minutes in the movie, Bernhard Bulling is masturbating on his bed. We see his firm butt at first, then his balls in between his legs. We briefly see his hand moving and what appears to be his uncut dick.
12 minutes in the movie, Bernhard Bulling is bottoming with another actor but we don't see much actual nudity.

image 8748

Zac Efron and Miles Teller in That Awkward Moment (2014)

14 minutes in the movie, Zac Efron and Miles Teller both have hard-ons and have to lie on the toilet to be able to pee in it.
We can see both Zac Efron and Miles Teller's butts in that scene.
15 minutes in the movie, Michael B. Jordan is coming out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel. From the bulge on the toilet, one can clearly tell he is packing big and he is cut.

image 2479

Mark-Paul Gosselaar in Franklin & Bash (2010)

In this TV show, Mark-Paul Gosselaar shows us some skin in the pilot. He is naked in a hot tub, when a friend asks for him. He gets out of the hot tub, and the camera spends a good amount of time filming his butt. A nice butt! Good job Mark-Paul! Hopefully more skin and a frontal from him soon! Mark-Paul is known to be uncut, but we would like to make sure!

image 6084

Stéphane Rideau and Dimitri Durdaine in Our Paradise (2011)

In this movie, there are a lot of naked and sex scenes from both Stéphane Rideau and Dimitri Durdaine. 18 minutes in the movie, we get a full frontal from the side of Dimitri Durdaine, as he is getting a rectal exam! 36 minutes in the movie, we get a full frontal from Stéphane Rideau showing a medium size penis and low hanging balls. 55 minutes in the movie, we get to see Dimitri Durdaine's ass. 84 minutes in the movie, both Stéphane Rideau and Dimitri Durdaine are naked in the swimming pool. We get a good view at Dimitri's hairy crack and also good full frontal views.

image 4142

Michael Apuzzo, Nick May, Michael Hill and Brian Patacca in The Houseboy (2007)

Michael Apuzzo shows a full frontal and rear nudity in a sex scene with Nick May. Michael Apuzzo has a fairly big cut dick. Nick May shows rear nudity in many scenes throughout the movie, but no real front nudity. There are however several bulge scenes, where we can see how big his dick is and that it is circumcised. Michael Hill shows rear nudity in one scene, where he is standing naked on his belly next to Nick May. Brian Patacca also shows rear nudity when he leaves the bed. No front nudity from him.

image 1218

James Franco in Whatever It Takes (2000)

In this movie, James Franco wears nothing but a thong. So he is not really naked, but a thong is not much, so we thought we should include this movie here. Seeing him tied to a bed, arms and legs spread away, with his trimmed armpits, his amazing hairless body, and his packed thong is a view you will not forget. James Franco indicated in an interview that he was uncut, so the circumcision status has been updated based on this information.

image 6944

Vincent Cassel in Irreversible (2002)

The beginning of the movie is a long strange filming of a gay cruising club. 15 minutes in the movie, we see a big uncut dick being masturbated but the owner is anonymous. 75 minutes in the movie, Vincent Cassel is naked in bed and remains naked for the next 10 minutes. We get ample time to view his firm butt and big cut dick.