image 2562

Kostja Ullmann in Hounded (2006)

Kostja Ullmann is a handsome young man and plays a bad boy. He is attracted to that older woman, his probation officer, and mid movie, drops his pants and begs to be spanked. We get a great view at his cute butt. Later in the movie, he is in bed with her, and as he leaves bed, we get to see a quick and dark frontal of Kostja Ullmann. He has a nice uncut dick. It looks relatively thick. Later he strips in front of her and we get to see his naked body again. He is then tied and kept in the dark in a garage. After that, she makes him wear a dog collar and again spanks him. We get to admire his bubble butt once more. Later in the movie, he gets whipped. This is a complete S&M experience!

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Pierre Perrier and Gray Orsatelli in American Translation (2011)

Pierre Perrier is seen naked in several scenes of the movie. In those scenes he has straight sex and we can only see his butt. There is also an interesting threesome scene with Gray Orsatelli. We see Pierre Perrier's clear frontal as he walks to the door to get a pizza and back to the living room. We see very clearly Pierre Perrier's uncut dick which is rather dick but with a short foreskin. Gray Orsatelli's genitals are covered most of the time except for a very short moment when me stands up. He has a thick and long uncut dick. Gray also has a very hairy ass while Pierre Pierre's butt seems to be shaved.

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Alfie Allen and Gethin Anthony in Game of Thrones (2011)

Alfie Allen is naked 16 minutes in episode 5 of season 1.
He proudly shows us his massive uncut dock. As his fellow actress says, he is a "serious boy with a serious cock".

Later in the episode, we get a partial butt shot of Gethin Anthony, after he gets a complete shave from his boyfriend Finn Jones.

image 3799

Justin Long in Going The Distance (2010)

40 minutes in the movie, Justin Long is in a spa. He steps buck naked in a machine to get tanned. Although he covers his dick, we see his pubic hair and his butt. A few minutes later, he gets butt naked again to make love to Drew Barrymore. Justin Long has a nice bubble butt which has been oiled and waxed for the scene.

image 6735

Mark Cirillo and Eric Parker Bingham in The Seminarian (2010)

We see Mark Cirillo naked at the very beginning of the movie, and towards the end of the movie. He is hung !!! He has a long and thick circumcised dick. Eric Parker Bingham is also circumcised and we briefly see his dick during a webcam session he has with Mark Cirillo.

image 8783

Francisco Celhay and Emilio Edwards in In the Grayscale (2015)

4 minutes in the movie, we see Francisco Celhay's butt as he is masturbating.

27 minutes in the movie, we partially see his butt when he is naked in bed.

43 minutes in the movie, Francisco Celhay and Emilio Edwards are undressing each other.
44 minutes in the movie, they are naked in bed and kissing. Emilio Edwards is sucking off Francisco Celhay but we can't see much.

45 minutes in the movie, we see Emilio Edwards's butt and balls.

image 8657

Johan Libéreau in Grand Central (2013)

Johan Libéreau is fully naked 12 minutes in the movie.
He pulls an helicopter dick in front of his friend. Johan Libéreau's dick is somewhat erect and with a partially retracted foreskin.