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Carloto Cotta in Two Drifters (2005)

In a first scene, Carloto Cotta is peeing naked in the bathroom. We see his amazing bubble butt as he does. Then when he is done, he turns around and we get a good look at his nice uncut dick. Then he fights naked with his girlfriend. His dick is semi hard and is quite impressive as it is wagged in all directions.

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Byron Pang and Thomas Price in Amphetamine (2010)

Byron Pang shows us a full frontal from the beginning on the movie and continues throughout. Byron Pang and Thomas Price meet and sexual tension builds up. There is very sensual shower scene as they both bath naked next to one another. Thomas Price cannot help and look at the nice body of Byron Pang. He quickly masturbates under the shower but we can only see the very tip of Thomas's dick. In the next scene, Byron Pang makes love to his girlfriend but obviously thinks of Thomas. Byron and Thomas meet again and they end up both naked in a hot tub. We see both of them frontal, but with a distance. They end up cuddling and kissing. A few days after, they end up in bed together. Thomas pulls the blanket to reveal Byron Pang's erect dick. Later Byron Pang remembers a story where he saved a girl from being raped by a gang, and in exchange got stripped naked in the mud and finally raped by that gang. We see him completely naked again. The sodomy scenes are not actually shown. Later Byron Pang and Thomas Price are naked together and start playing. We see very briefly but clearly Thomas Price's uncut dick and big balls. Later, after a train trip, they get arrested by the police and both stripped naked. They both get anal checked by the police. Later, in the shower, they finally have anal sex together and Thomas Price penetrates Byron Pang.

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Francisco Rey and Carlos Ramírez in Sin Destino (2002)

The movie stars off with Francisco Rey masturbating in the shower, although we cannot see his penis. Then throughout the movie, we see Francisco more or less naked, as he playing the role of a gay-for-pay hustler who would do anything to buy drugs. At some point we see his incredible bubble butt as he is making love to a woman. After making love, he stands up and we can briefly see his soft uncut dick. We see his butt again in another scene with a fantasy woman. In a next scene with a woman we see full frontal nudity from him at length, but his penis is small at that time and buried in this pubic hair. Later in the movie, he meets a naked boy Carlos Ramirez, who also displays full nudity, front and back. Francisco goes to the bathrooms and undresses. We see him fully naked again. Towards the end of the movie, there is a scene with several naked young men but it is hard to tell who is who.

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Mustapha Khaddar and Karim Tarek in Road to Love (2001)

Mustapha Khaddar likes to show his big cut dick while he is with Karim Tarek at a nudist beach. We first see him undressing, and then sunbathing. It is somewhat from a distance but there is no doubt he has a big penis. Then Mustapha Khaddar approaches Karim Tarek and we get long close-up views at his big dick. Towards the end of the movie, we see Karim Tarek's butt as he is taking a shower.

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Tahar Rahim in A Prophet (2009)

Tahar Rahim is seen naked in a police strip search scene. He first covers his genitals with his hands, but then is ordered by the police to move his hands up and for a second we get to see his dick. He has a rather small uncut dick. Later there is a shower scene where can see his nice butt. He is offered weed by a shower stall neighbor for a blow job, but he declines the offer!

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Sébastien Huberdeau, Brad Mann and Todd Mann in Yellowknife (2002)

62 minutes in the movie, we see Sébastien Huberdeau taking a shower. When he gets out of the shower to answer the phone, we get a view at his uncut dick, and then at this butt when he rushed to his bedroom.
70 minutes in the movie, we see Brad Mann and Todd Mann dancing naked, We see their butts and cut dicks either facing or camera or in reflection in a mirror.
101 minutes in the movie, Sébastien Huberdeau is undressed by force. We see his butt but from afar.

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Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange (1971)

12 minutes in the movie, we see Malcolm McDowell's balls under his shirt.

20 minutes in the movie, we get a partial view at Malcolm McDowell's butt, as he is scratching his butt. His undies are showing a nice bulge.

27 minutes in the movie, Malcolm McDowell is naked but the scene is very rapid, and you need to pause to see Malcolm McDowell's uncut penis and butt.

50 minutes in the movie, there is a partial dick view of Malcolm McDowell, as he is undressed to go to jail. His penis is quite thick in that scene, so he is must semi erect.