image 3958

Brendan Price in Naughty Wives (1974)

Brendan Price has a nice butt. We see it from the beginning of the movie. There is also a clearer scene, as he is having sex and someone walks in on them. Brendan rapidly leaves the bed to dress up. We see his nice smooth butt and also his balls hanging in between. Later as they are filming a sex scene, Brendan Price shows us a nice frontal. His dick is not erect but is nice and uncut. There is plenty of rear nudity throughout these sex scenes. There is another quick frontal scene as Brendan Price suddenly leaves his bed.

image 8778

Max Riemelt in Sense8 Season 1 (2015)

43 minutes in episode 5, Max Riemelt is wimming naked in a pool. We get good views at his entired body, especially his torso.
Finally, 48 minutes in that episode, he gets out of the pool. We see his butt as he walks away and then the camera films his big cock in close-up view.
He is having a chubby and his foreskin is retracted, revealing a big duck and massive low hanging balls.

image 8777

Mark-Eugene Garcia in Nocturnal Fury (2011)

The short film "Nocturnal Fury" has some male nudity in it.
It is about a man who must decide if he is haunted by a ghost of a victim of sleep paralysis.
Things take a turn for the worse when the ghost develops a sexual fascination with him.
Mark-Eugene Garcia is the lead actor and goes full frontal.

Thanks to Philiip for sending us the information about this movie.

image 8774

Jamie Foxx in Any Given Sunday (1999)

In this movie, we see Jamie Foxx's butt.
We see it at two occasions: Once in the locker room, as Jamie Foxx is wearing a jock strap and then in a bathroom as he is facing a urinal completely naked.

image 4694

James Floyd in Everywhere and Nowhere (2011)

James Floyd is first seen naked when he dresses down in a police station. At that time, we see his butt mostly although we can see parts of his dick in between his legs. In another scene he makes love to a woman. As he dresses down, we get a quick dark frontal, and later again when he leaves the bed. James Floyd has a massive uncut dick. We also see his butt briefly when he is making love.

image 5840

Aidan Gillen in Blitz (2011)

30 minutes in the movie, Aidan Gillen is awaken while he is naked in bed. He turns around to reveal his firm butt. If you can pause frame by frame you will be able to see in that process that Aidan Gillen has a big uncut dick!

image 8761

Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

43 minutes in the movie, we see Jamie Dornan's butt. We briefly see his balls in between his legs.
We see again Jamie Dornan's firm butt as he is making love.
89 minutes in the movie, there is a partial dickshot of Jamie Dornan (we see his pubes and the base of his penis). We then see his butt.
Jamie Dornan is known for being uncut as he already posed naked for Visionaire. It can be seen here here.

image 8757

Julian Morris, Tom Burke and Jay Taylor in Donkey Punch (2008)

27 minutes in the movie, Tom Burke and Jay Taylor are comparing butts to see who has the nicest one. We clearly see both butts.

30 minutes in the movie, we see Tom Burke pubic hair and then his butt and his pubic hair again for the next 2 minutes.

Julian Morris shows his butt 33 minutes in the movie. In that scene we also see Tom Burke's butt and Julian Morris pubic hair.

34 minutes in the movie, we also see Jay Taylor's big balls and part of his penis.

34 minutes in the movie, we also see Julian Morris's cut penis as well as Tom Burke's uncut penis.

image 7136

Rupert Friend in Homeland (2012)

In episode 7 of season 2, that aired on Showtime on Sunday November 11th 2012, Rupert Friend is in a hospital and suddenly drops his gown. We see his very nice and firm butt and for a couple of frames what appears to be a pretty big, white, uncut cock.

image 3865

James Marsden in Death at a Funeral (2010)

No frontal from James Marsden in this movie. But we get a 5 minute long view at his firm butt and toned body. He stands naked on a house roof, threatening to jump. His butt is very nice and his lightly hairy body is also breathtaking. James Marsden is known to be uncut, and we hope we will soon be able to confirm that in a movie!