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Return to Go!

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Uncut
Original title : Zurück auf Los!
Director: Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss
Main stars: Dieter Bach, Michael Ande, Thilo Ackermann
Genre: Drama
IMDB Score: 6.9
Duration: 95 min
IMDB Description: After Sam, a penniless Afro-German singer, discovers he's HIV positive, he gets utterly drunk, spends a few miserable days, but promptly falls (back) in love. Amidst a crumbling former East Berlin (its bulidings, cars, people & culture), Sam develops a
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Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss and Dieter Bach in Return to Go!

21 minutes in the movie, we see Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss's butt as he is on top of Dieter Bach.
As he moves out, we see Dieter Bach's butt also.
23 minutes in the movie, we see Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss's balls too as he returns in bed with Dieter Bach.
24 minutes in the movie, as Dieter Bach is now out of bed, we remotely see his balls and dick, from behind, in between his legs.


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