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Black Sheep

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Cut
Original title : Schwarze Schafe
Director: Oliver Rihs
Main stars: Jenny Deimling, Milan Peschel, Jule Böwe
Genre: Comedy
IMDB Score: 6.5
Duration: 94 min
IMDB Description: "Black Sheep" is about urban Berlin Lifestyle. About a bunch of hopeless losers, who are trying, to get the big money with the strangest plans. There is a Ex-Handmodel for Rolex, who wants to seduce a yuppie girl and cheat his insurance company. There is a East-German woman and her drunken artist boyfriend playing Lotto. Some satanists, who are planing a ritual with there grandmother. Two young anarchists, who are testing a new kind of Ego-economy. And last, but not least, three horny Turkish boys, who are stealing cash, to meet a prostitute. A lighthearted, stylish comedy in a electric Berlin, full of surreal moments. About material illusions and true love.
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Marc Hosemann, Beat Marti, Eralp Uzun and Oktay Özdemir in Black Sheep (2006)

Marc Hosemann is naked at the beginning of the movie as he is making love in every possible position to a woman. We get rear view from him and at the end of the love scene, we get a good frontal view, although a little obstructed by the woman's hand. Marc Hosemann appears to be uncut. We see Beat Marti's hairy ass, one hour in the movie, as he is bathing his boyfriend Daniel Krauss. Daniel is wearing a skin-toned underwear so no nudity from him. Towards the end of the movie, Eralp Uzun is fooling around with girl. As he is crawling away, he looses his pants. We see his butt first and then his balls and dick hanging in between his legs. He has a fairly big cut dick. At the very end of the movie, Eralp Uzun and Oktay Özdemir are naked on a raft with another guy. Eralp Uzun is proudly showing his penis. It's very erect, large, cut and straight. Then Oktay Özdemir also shows his penis. It's equally erect, pointing up, large, cut with huge tight balls.