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Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Uncut
Director: Philip Koch
Main stars: Constantin von Jascheroff, Joel Basman, Frederick Lau
Genre: Crime, Horror, Drama
IMDB Score: 7.3
Duration: 105 min
IMDB Description: Kevin is new in youth prison. Due to over-occupancy he has to share a cell with Tommy, Andy and Marc. A partnership of convenience in a system where only the strong prevail and which is dominated by violence and latent aggression. Oppression and beatings are a daily occurence. It is hard for Kevin to establish himself. Especially Marc and Andy are after him. He's afraid of not sticking it out. Only Tommy gives him an amicable advice: In this system, you're either a victim or a culprit. If he doesn't want to be a loser anymore, he has to start fighting. A piece of advice that will trigger most dire consequences... Picco is the nickname for a newcomer at a youth prison. In this dark prison drama it's Kevin, who is forced to get to know and above all to experience the hard and clear-cut rules circumscribing the life of a young inmate. He shares a cell with three other young men. Their mutual friendship is fragile and vanishes at the first signs of approaching danger. Bullying and aggression are the order of the day. In a place cut off from the outside world, only one rule applies: you can either be a victim or a perpetrator. Kevin has to decide which he will be. This extremely raw drama offers a detailed portrait of how a correctional facility operates. The film follows the prisoners during daily activities, at school, with the prison psychologist, and during visits. But first and foremost is the ever-present mental and physical violence. The tension gradually increases, climaxing in insane and prolonged aggression that, according to some critics, outstrips Michael Haneke's Funny Games. The movie is based on actual events.
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NGIM Description

In this movie, there are interesting shower scenes. Constantin von Jascheroff, Joel Basman, Martin Kiefer and Frederick Lau are all naked in a common shower. We see their butts while they shower. Later there is a scene where Constantin von Jascheroff and Joel Basman are the only two left in the shower. At the end of that scene, we see a clear frontal of Constantin von Jascheroff. He has a pretty long uncut dick. However his butt is rather flat and unattractive.