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Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Cut
Director: Talia Lugacy
Main stars: Marcus Patrick, Chad Faust, Rosario Dawson
Genre: Drama, Thriller
IMDB Score: 4.7
Duration: 101 min
IMDB Description: A college co-ed is brutally raped and struggles alone to rebuild her life. In the winter of her senior year, Maya talks to Jared at a frat party, accepts his invitation to dinner at a nice restaurant, then goes to his apartment, just to talk. He assaults her. Her personality changes, she's withdrawn; she graduates and takes a job at a clothing store, staying apart from co-workers. At night, she's someone else: a beauty at the club scene, dancing, seductive, sniffing cocaine, becoming the friend of a heavy hitter. She thinks about her racial identity. That fall, she's a grad student, and Jared is in an exam she proctors. She invites him to her apartment; he's certain she's stuck on him.
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NGIM Description

In this movie, we get over 20 uninterrupted minutes of Chad Faust naked (including full frontal) with sexual games finished by Chad being butt fucked by Marcus Patrick!