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If Not Us, Who?

Naked actors:

Circumcision status: Uncut
Original title : Wer wenn nicht wir
Director: Andres Veiel
Main stars: August Diehl, Lena Lauzemis, Alexander Fehling
Genre: History
IMDB Score: 6.5
Duration: 124 min
IMDB Description: In the early 60s, Bernward Vesper and fellow university student Gudrun Ensslin begin a passionate love in the stifling atmosphere of provincial West Germany. Dedicated to the power of the written word, Bernward and Gudrun found a publishing house whose first publication is, paradoxically to many, a controversial past work of Bernward's ostracized father, an infamous Nazi author. Bernward defends his father's writing ability, even if he is haunted by his father's suspicious past. Gudrun, too, vehemently questions her own father's role during Hitler's Third Reich. Sensitive to the increasing restlessness of the times, the fiery couple lash out at the conformism and denial around them. After their tumultuous relationship nearly ends due to Bernward's infidelities, they start anew with a move to West Berlin in 1964. Joining forces with leftist writers and political activists, they become part of the spreading global uprising: "If not us, who; If not now, when?" But discontentment with the world takes its toll on their tumultuous relationship. By the late 60s, Gudrun has joined rebellious Andreas Baader's pro-violence cause and Bernward risks his sanity by using psychedelic drugs in his struggles to finally write the novel committed to changing the world... Based on the emotional true story of an explosive era.
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Alexander Fehling and August Diehl in If Not Us, Who? (2011)

Alexander Fehling is seen dressing down in front of a woman. As he gets completely naked, the camera is positioned so that we cannot see his penis. In another scene he gets out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and then drops the towel and gets on the bed naked. We briefly see his butt when he does that, but cannot see any penis hanging. Again in another scene where he makes love to a woman, we only get to see his butt, with more clarity this time. His butt is smooth. There is finally a scene where we can very briefly see his dick and pubes. He is waking naked behind a glass door. There are a few frames where we see his fairly long uncut dick and later his untrimmed pubes. There is finally a long scene (1 min 30) with August Diehl completely naked in the backyard. He has a thin uncut dick and a nice white butt.


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