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Michael Molina, Matt Cannon, Joe Almanza, Grant Barker, Houston Bernard and Scott Spragg in 2 Minutes Later (2007)

14 minutes in the movie, there is a naked photoshoot of Grant Barker. He has a nice body and a good cut dick.
19 minutes in the movie, we see pictures of another photoshoot with Joe Almanza naked. He has a cut dick.
20 minutes in the movie, we see Grant Barker naked again.
and then Scott Spragg naked. He has a guiche piercing.
We see his butt but we do not get see his penis.
Then we see Houston Bernard. He has a large cut dick.
22 minutes in the movie, we see Michael Molina naked, but only his butt.

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Matt Riddlehoover in Watch Out (2008)

We see Matt Riddlehoover naked from the beginning of the movie on. He loves his body, and so do we! 16 minutes in the movie, we see a video that Matt Riddlehoover made of himself showering. The video quality is low but we see he has a big cut dick. Then we see him getting out the shower after the recording, and we get a clear view at his penis and low hanging balls. We get to view them again at length. Matt Riddlehoover makes love to a plastic doll that has his own picture taped to it. That's how much he loves himself. 35 minutes in the movie, we see Matt Riddlehoover fully erect, masturbating and ejaculating in a bathroom sink. Very hot!

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Paul Dawson, PJ DeBoy, Raphael Barker, Jay Brannan, Adam Hardman and Jan Hilmer in Shortbus (2006)

Probably the movie with most hard core sex out there. Guys with big dicks, hard-ons, blow jobs, penetration and even ejaculation! A must see with tons of nudity but also a nice story. Paul Dawson is sucking himself (quite a performance) and ends up cuming in his own mouth. You will even witness an unforgettable star-spangled-banner sung by PJ DeBoy while giving a rim job to Jay Brannan. Raphael Barker is only seen naked in straight sex action. Adam Hardman is seen in straight sex also but we see him very clearly jerking off his thick dick and cuming massively. His cum even lands on a wall! Jan Hilmer is an extra that we see having sex in the club.

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