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Michael Allen, Simon Bond, John Doherty, Rodney Hutton and Dinesh Sanders in Maslin Beach (1997)

Simon Bond is the first naked man we see in the movie, as Michael Allen arrives at Maslin Beach. Simon Bond is taking a shower on the beach, and we get a good frontal and back from him. He is quite well endowed. Within a few minutes, we see Michael Allen naked on the beach. But we only see his balls at first. The next person we see naked is Dinesh Sanders. He has a darker uncut penis that we can look at several times. The next person is John Doherty. He has a fairly big cut dick. The next one is Rodney Hutton. He has a smaller cut dick. Mid-movie, and several time thereafter, we get good frontals and backs from Michael Allen. He has a decent size cut penis.

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