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Chase Fleming, Richard Bolander, David Beutler, Tim Garrett, Curtis Ray Husted, Bambi Lush, C.K. Moseley, Donner Tran, Lock Lee, Ryan Lynn and Brendan Sharpe in Darker Secrets: Sideline Secrets II (2008)

Again in this second movie of the Sideline Secrets sequel, there is a LOT of nudity. The movie starts with a recall of Sideline Stories 1, as we see Chase Fleming naked, front and back. His nick body and thick cut cock are shyly shown. At the same time, we see Luoc Lee undressing, and at first we only see his butt. Later in the movie, towards the end, we will also see his dick. The next scene ends up as a threesome between Bambi Lush, C.K. Moseley (a very cute blonde guy) and Donner Tran. We see all them naked and making love. C.K. Moseley showers and shows us his small cut dick and bubble butt. Donner Tran has a small uncut dick and Bambi Lush a very big cut penis that we see at several occasions. Next we see Richard Bolander shaving and peeing in the bathroom. He seems to have a pretty nice uncut dick. He is quite a twink. Next is Curtis Ray Husted. He has a nice cut dick with big balls. There is a very hot scene of him showering as he shows us his dick, his tight ass and his incredible low hanging balls. The next scene has David Beutler touching himself on the couch. He has a nice big cut dick. The next scene has Bambi Lush and Tim Garrett making love together. Tim Garrett is really into the scene as he is hard the whole time. He has a big and thick cut dick. After a flash back where we can see Donner Tran fully naked and others, there is very hot sex scene between Richard Bolander and David Beutler. Next we see Ryan Lynn naked, as he joins a girl under the shower. He has a very nice body and a nice cut dick. Finally we see Brendan Sharpe fully naked. He is beefy and has a pretty big cut dick.

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