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Benoît Magimel and Daniel Auteuil in Thieves (1996)

Daniel Auteuil is first seen buck naked twenty minutes in the movie, after making love to a woman. Benoît Magimel is young and hot in the movie. Mid-movie, Benoît is naked in bed. Suddently his sister tries to get out of the apartment. In order to stop her, he jumps out of the bed and wrestles with her. As he is fully naked, we get frontal and rear views from him. Although the scene is moving fast, we can see Benoît Magimel's nice uncut dick and very firm body and butt.

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Vincent Perez in Queen Margot (1994)

50 minutes in the movie, Vincent Perez is wounded, and as they remove his clothes, we get a good view at his sweet uncut dick and lean butt. 95 minutes in the movie, there is a love scene with Vincent Perez, and we see his bubble butt and then his penis with a clean full frontal after his leaves the bed.

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