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Sean Bean in When Saturday Comes (1996)

Sean Bean is a soccer player in this movie. After a match, all the players end up naked together in a big tub. Interesting habit! As Sean gets in and out of the tub, we see him full naked, front and back. He is uncut but does not seem very well endowed... unless the water was cold!

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Jimmy Tavares and Lucas Bonnifait in My Life on Ice (2002)

Jimmy Tavares is discovering his sexuality and films his life with his own video camera. He is clearly in love with his mother's boyfriend, but also with his straight boyfriend. He gives us a full frontal, but unfortunately quite dark at the gym. When he puts his speedo back on, we can see his nice uncut dick despite the poor lighting. His friend Lucas Bonnifait is also interesting, but we only get to see his butt when he is making love to his girlfriend.

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Jack Matthews in Drown (2015)

This movie is an eye candy about beach boys and lifesavings tournaments. Most of the guys are wearing nothing but speedos for a good part of the movie. Many nice bulges to look at throughout the movie.
63 minutes in the movie, we see Jack Matthews's butt as he stripped by force.
64 minutes in the movie, he is completely naked and covering his uncut penis.
The other guys next to him, comment he has a smooth dick, and a foreskin.
67 minutes in the movie, he is forced to show his massive uncut dick. We see it for many minutes. Jack Matthews' penis is thick and long.

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Wesley Snipes and Jsu Garcia in Wildcats (1986)

15 minutes in the movie, Wesley Snipes and Jsu Garcia quickly show us their dicks as they are naked behind their helmets.
Both Wesley Snipes and Jsu Garcia are cut, Jsu Garcia having a longer dick.

25 minutes in the movie, Woody Harrelson is also showing a nice bulge in his underwear.

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Matt Damon in School Ties (1992)

35 minutes in the movie, Matt Damon is with other guys in the bathroom. We see an unknown man, with a great ass, showering in the back. 70 minutes in the movie, Matt Damon goes showering, and we see his big bubble butt as he slowly walks. We see a bunch of other guys naked next to Matt Damon. We only see their butts. Then Matt Damon starts a fight with Brendan Fraser.

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Danny de Munk, Antonie Kamerling, Daniël Boissevain, Peter Paul Muller and Kasper van Kooten in All Stars (1997)

There is a shower scene 10 minutes in the movie. During this shower scene we see these actors naked. We see Danny de Munk's ass and very briefly his dick as he is playing with the other guys in the shower area. Danny de Munk is uncut. We see Antonie Kamerling's ass only. We also see Daniël Boissevain's butt. The first we see naked is Peter Paul Muller. We clearly see his penis as he is showering and the camera is filming him remotely so that we can see his whole body. We also see his butt. Peter Paul Muller is uncut. We see part of Kasper van Kooten's ass.

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Julien Baumgartner and Nils Ohlund in You'll Get Over It (2002)

Right at the beginning of the movie, there is a shower scene with Julien Baumgartner where we briefly see his butt and his dick when he exits the shower area and plays with his friends. Julien Baumgartner has a nice and big uncut dick. A few minutes after, Julien Baumgartner is with his boyfriend Nils Ohlund. We can see Nils Ohlund's big uncut dick through the shower curtain. 58 minutes in the movie, Julien Baumgartner stands for long seconds naked in front of a mirror. Although the room is dark we get a clear view at his butt and long uncut dick.

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Mark McGann in The Manageress (1989)

In this TV show, there is a lot of nudity. The scenes in the locker rooms and showers are filmed without censorship. One of the main actors that shows us everything is Mark McGann. He gets naked in front of the manageress, showing us his butt as the camera is filming from behind. Later as he gets into a hot tub, we see him getting in, and we see his uncut dick and balls as he steps in the tub.

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Hans van Tongeren, Toon Agterberg and Maarten Spanjer in Spetters (1980)

Forty minutes in the movie, we see the 3 bikers full frontals. They drop their pants in front of the camera, and masturbate and compare dick sizes with each other. A very hot scene. Hans van Tongeren has a thick uncut dick, which in the movie is the smallest of all three, although a pretty good size. Toon Agterberg is in the middle in the scene. His dick is uncut and slightly bigger than Hans. Maarten Spanjer has the longest uncut dick. 52 minutes in the movie, we see Hans van Tongeren naked in bed.

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Tom Cruise in All the Right Moves (1983)

In the movie, Tom Cruise is young and hot. 64 minutes in the movie, he gets undressed with a girl, and as he removes his pant, we get a quick view at his dick. Tom Cruise's penis is circumcised and of moderate size. We then see part of this butt. We also get a closed-up view at his hot nipples. His body is lean and muscular.

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