Marco Filiberti's butt is visible from the side, at the beginning of the movie.
7 minutes in the movie, he is getting out of the shower and drops his towel. We see his butt.
He claims in the movie that his dick is 24 cm long, but we cannot verify that claim.

34 minutes in the movie, Thyago Alves is showering by the sea in his swimsuit. No real nudity but some nice views of his amazing body. 50 minutes in the movie, we see Massimo Poggio in a shower. We only see his butt. 70 minutes in the movie, Thyago Alves is getting naked and masturbating. We only see part of his dick and through his underwear, which appears to be uncut and rather small. We also see his butt. 91 minutes in the movie, Thyago Alves and Massimo Poggio are making love. We see Thyago Alves hairy ass and legs. We see a full frontal of Massimo Poggio.