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Nico Rogner in Looking for Simon (2011)

Nico Rogner is very cute. There is only completely one naked scene with him. 61 minutes in the movie, Nico Rogner is getting a shower. We see him undressing and showering. First we only see his butt and then as the turns slightly around we see his nice uncut dick. There is also a sexy scene as he swims naked in the sea, but we don't get to see as much.

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Sebastian Schlecht and Eric Golub in Light Gradient (2009)

Sebastian Schlecht and Eric Golub are gay lovers in this movie. They go on a bike hike together. There is a nice bondage scene between them as Eric Golub ties Sebastian Schlecht. They finally reach a lake, whey they play naked together. We see them at length with full front and rear nudity. They have pretty normal uncut dicks and regular figures. Eric Golub has a bigger dick than Sebastian Schlecht, at least when they are soft. Then they stay at a farm and we see them with full frontal nudity again as the owner baths them with a garden hose.

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