image 8614

Joe Sykes and Drew Moerlein in V/H/S (2012)

23 minutes in the movie, Joe Sykes gets naked at a motel. For the next few minutes we see him naked, and although the camera is shaking a lot, we see his butt and uncut dick.
66 minutes in the movie, Drew Moerlein is undressing to go swim in a lake. We only see his butt.

image 8622

Mario Lopez and Julian McMahon in Nip/Tuck (2006)

Mario Lopez has a hot shower scene with Julian McMahon in the 3rd episode of Season 4.
10 minutes in the movie, the camera observes the very muscular body of Mario Lopez for a long time. While taking a shower, we get a very good view at Mario Lopez's bubble butt. Mario Lopez is known for being uncut but we don't get a full frontal from him in the TV show.
Julian McMahon is also naked in the shower, and we get a quick view at his butt.

image 1762

Enzo Cilenti in Wonderland (1999)

Enzo Cilenti is not afraid of showing his naked body. Throughout the movie, we can enjoy that. While he is fooling around in bed with his girlfriend, we can see his big and thick uncut dick. Impressive. Although his pubes are not trimmed which would have provided a clearer view of whole thing. The rest of the time, we see his body in general and his firm butt.

image 2786

Melvil Poupaud and Christian Sengewald in Time to Leave (2005)

In this movie, handsome French actor Melvil Poupaud plays a gay man who learns he is dying and only has little time left. We see him naked at the beginning of the movie, while he is making love to his boyfriend Christian Sengewald. Although the scene is dark, we can see Melvil Poupaud has a very big penis. It is also erect during the scene! He is hung like a horse and his pubic hair appears to be shaved. Christian Sengewald is also erect during the scene as we can see the tip of his dick. This scene is very hot and leads to Melvil Poupaud penetrating Christian Sengewald (although the penetration is not shown precisely). After making love, they fight and we get a good view of Christian Sengewald's firm butt.

image 3451

James Townsend, Alex Wilson, Chase Fleming, Jason Shepard, David Wright, Dylan Jordan, Mike Domianus and Ryan Bauer in Sideline Secrets (2008)

There is a LOT of nudity in this nice and entertaining movie. It starts with James Townsend, the main character of this movie. At first, we only see him playing with himself without revealing any real nudity. Later in the movie, we see him showering, with close-up filming of his dick and balls. He has a nice and long cut dick. He befriends with Alex Wilson, and we see both of them naked, making love, including frontal and rear shots of Alex Wilson. Alex is also cut. Earl McDougle plays a detective. Towards the end of the movie, we see him running naked out of the shower to catch a phone call. He has a very long cut dick. David Wright and Jason Shepard play abused kids. We see David Wright frontal and rear. David is cut and his dick is rather small. Jason is only see rear naked and the frontal only reveals his pubes. Chase Fleming is also briefly seen naked. His has a thick cut dick. Mike Domianus shows full frontal and rear nudity during a fantasy scene where he plays an electrician. Mike has a nice rather long cut dick. Ryan Bauer is also briefly seen naked, displaying his big cut dick on a picture shown on screen.

image 6820

Patrick Dewaere in The Best Way to Walk (1976)

40 minutes in the movie, Patrick Dewaere drops his pants and reveals his butt. Then he turns towards the cameras and proudly shows his flaccid uncut dick. He is also often in tight underwear or swimwear during the movie.

image 8698

Yoav Reuveni in Snails in the Rain (2013)

11 minutes in the movie, we see Yoav Reuveni's ass.
16 minutes in the movie, we see his butt again.
34 minutes in the movie, again after a jerk off competition, we see Yoav Reuveni's butt in the shower. We also see extras penises.
69 minutes in the movie, there is a very brief view at Yoav Reuveni's dick.

image 6963

Justin Herwick and B. Wyatt in Luster (2002)

14 minutes in the movie, we see B. Wyatt in the shower. His penis is cut and rather small in that scene. 3 minutes later, we see him jumping up and down and giving us a full 360-degrees views of his naked body. He is again naked 50 minutes in the movie. Finally 85 minutes in the movie, Justin Herwick undresses and shows his nice body. Justin Herwick has a cut dick.

image 2434

Max Beesley in Hotel (2001)

In this strange movie, Max Beesley can be seen naked with an erect penis. He has a large uncut dick. In that scene he is covered in blood next to baby dolls. In an earlier scene mid-movie, Max can be seen being butt fucked by a woman that soon after delivers a baby (a doll).

image 6085

Justin Kirk and Patrick Wilson in Angels in America (2003)

In this series, Justin Kirk shows us in large cut penis as he is having a medical exam. We see his dick sideways as he is lying down the exam table. We can however see his circumcised penis very clearly. In a different episode, Patrick Wilson get naked on the beach. Although the scene is filmed from behind, we see Patrick Wilson's large penis and balls in between his legs. He is also circumcised.